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Ashdown Bass Guitars user reviews

  • Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head

    Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head - VvSurLeRiddim's review


    Transistor Amplifier Head, 300 Watts at 4 ohms. EQ 5-band EQ presets (bright and deep) compressor and effect "sub-harmonics. Jack 2 inputs (active and passive), DI output (XLR) output line (Jack), effects loop (Jack), Jack and 2 outputs for speake…

  • Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVO II Head

    Ashdown ABM 500 RC EVO II Head - " there may be better ......"


    tube preamp, power stage transistors ..... no big difference with all lamps 9 UTILIZATION the manual is in English ... but it poses no problem SOUNDS Absolutely, I can use in all styles of music without worries, but I particularly like her hi…

  • Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo - metal-et-punk-182's review


    This amp delivers a power good power (307W), and allows a very good attack and a crisp and clear (even at low). It has an output for additional speaker and jacks for effects loop. I can strongly recommend it because it's the one I have and I am ver…

  • Ashdown MK500 - Mark King

    Ashdown MK500 - Mark King - joe cool's review


    - Amplifier Transistor - 575 watts into 4 hms - 1 12 band EQ switchable. - 1 + 1 XLR input jack - 1 XLR DI output, a loop insertion effect send / return, a line output jack, a tuner output jack. - 2 speakers connections: 1 + 1 Speakon jack.…

  • Ashdown C210T-300 EVO II Combo

    Ashdown C210T-300 EVO II Combo - ventdusoir's review


    transistor amplifier: 300W into 8 ohms (Hail a cab and more ...) The amp itself should give ... I do not know me in the 200W connection: -Passive and active inputs DI / O (that is what it's worth) -entrée/sortie effects loop, -Output jack…

  • Ashdown MAG 210T Deep Cabinet

    Ashdown MAG 210T Deep Cabinet - Nikko44700's review


    Enclosure 8 ohms, 2 hp 10 inch + tweeter. Basic and effective. I possde the second generation (EVO II) can absorb 250 watts. SONORITS I used it with Ashdown Mag 300 head and dsormais with Markbass LM250. The set is dynamic, efficient and prc…

  • Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig

    Ashdown Perfect Ten MiniRig - " Small. Practice. Powerful"


    Amp "stack" transistors, 65 watts. A head and two cabinets 10 "to 16 ohms each (which can s'avrer problmatique in case of failure of HP!). The faade of the amp is a classic: 5 potentiomtres (gain, bass, mid, treble, output), an INPUT, a LINE-IN, a…

  • Ashdown Little Giant 350

    Ashdown Little Giant 350 - Nikko44700's review


    According to the manufacturer, 350w amplifier transistors in 4oms, about 160 sub 8oms. In reality it is very very far off! The equalization is not very pertinante either. The connection is complete however. But it is far from Mag or ABM series are …

  • Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo

    Ashdown MAG C115-300 Combo - Virtual Decadence's review


    Nothing to add. UTILIZATION Yeah it has no EQ paramtrique taking head. Dj 5-band limit is too complicated for me. I do not use the compressor or some trs. The sub-harmonic modration love but otherwise was really Octaver. SOUNDS I love the sou…

  • Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head

    Ashdown MAG 300H EVO II Head - komenor62's review


    307 W transistor USE config pretty simple, we get a good sound easy but unfortunately after three months loss of his then nothing SOUNDS Yamaha rbx 760 A 2 4 * 10 Ashdown good sound I play melodic metal NOTICE GLOBAL <br …