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  • [NAMM] Audiofile Engineering Spectre 1.5

    [NAMM] Audiofile Engineering Spectre 1.5

    01/11/11 in Audiofile Engineering Spectre

    Developed exclusively for Mac OS X, Spectre 1.5 offers tools for examining live audio.

  • Nugen Audio VisLM v1.02

    Nugen Audio VisLM v1.02

    01/06/11 in Nugen Audio VisLM Loudness Metering

    This update fixes an issue where the LRA (Loudness Range) value could give an incorrect reading when monitoring material with large periods of very quiet audio interspersed with short, loud bursts of sound.

  • UFO Scientific MultiFreek v2.3

    UFO Scientific MultiFreek v2.3

    01/04/11 in UFO Scientific MultiFreek

    UFO Scientific has updated MultiFreek to version 2.3.

  • mzuther K-Meter

    mzuther K-Meter

    12/22/10 in mzuther K-Meter

    mzuther has released K-Meter, a free, Open Source, implementation of a K-System meter according to Bob Katz's specifications.

  • Blue Cat Updates FreqAnalyst

    Blue Cat Updates FreqAnalyst

    12/02/10 in Blue Cat Audio Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst [Freeware]

    Blue Cat Audio has released a new version of its free spectrum analysis plug-in, Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst.

  • UFO Scientific Updates MultiFreek

    UFO Scientific Updates MultiFreek

    11/23/10 in UFO Scientific MultiFreek

    UFO Scientific has updated MultiFreek to version 2.2.

  • Blue Cat Audio Updates Audio Analysis Plug-ins

    Blue Cat Audio Updates Audio Analysis Plug-ins

    11/18/10 in Blue Cat Audio Analysis Pack

    Blue Cat Audio has released new versions of its flagship audio analysis plug-ins.

  • zplane PPMulator+ Updated

    zplane PPMulator+ Updated

    10/12/10 in Zplane PPMulator+

    zplane has updated PPMulator+ to version 2.11.3.

  • Nugen Audio Updates Visualizer

    Nugen Audio Updates Visualizer

    10/09/10 in Nugen Audio Visualizer

    Nugen Audio has updated the Mac/OSX (VST and AU) versions of Visualizer, their audio analysis tool to 1.9.5. The Win/PC version remains unchanged.

  • Audio Pluggers K-Meter

    Audio Pluggers K-Meter

    10/02/10 in MeterPlugs K-Meter

    Audio Pluggers has announced the availability of a VST version of K-Meter.