Waves Renaissance Axx
Waves Renaissance Axx

Renaissance Axx, Software compressor from Waves in the Renaissance series.

stompboxjon 09/17/2012

Waves Renaissance Axx : stompboxjon's user review

« Easy does it »

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The Waves Renaissance Axx is a compressor that was aimed for guitars but can be used for so many different tracks. It has 3 different efficient controls as well as a fixed ratio curve and automatic release value. The Waves Renaissance Ax can support TDM, RTAS, VST, and AU. You can download the demo version of Waves Renaissance Axe first to try it before you buy it (which is what I highly suggest and recommend doing). I have not seen a manual and I am pretty sure you wont need one if you understand compression. All of the basic functions of the plug in are easy to use and they are right on the main panel of the plug in. Setting up Waves Renaissance Ax was quick easy and painless.


I have been using Renaissance Axx (off and on) for almost a year now, and it works perfect with my i7 Quad Core PC running Windows 7. I have never experienced any crashes or freezes when running Renaissance Ax. It works great every time I use it, I have used it in Cubase and Ableton. You can purchase Waves Renaissance Axx online now for around 80 bucks and if you start with version 9 of Waves Plug ins you will no longer be required to us iLok. You can just register your purchase plug ins from Wave normally now.


The best thing about Waves Renaissance Axx is that there are only 3 main controls, Threshold (input), Attack (Attenuation), and Gain (Output). So you really can not have many issues using Ax. It is really simple but still packs a punch and can give you a great quality compressor that you will use a lot throughout your projects. It is by far better than in “pre installed” compressor that comes with most of the main DAWS including but not limited to: Cubase and Ableton. It is worth the Try, download the demo and try it out.