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Thread Half second delay - latency problem

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1 Half second delay - latency problem
Greetings and a good new year everyone:)

found myself here for tech support. Searching the web, and reading the post's on this forum seemed to be the best idea.
Startup: mid-late 70-s electronic synthesizers..
moog satalite, moog sonic six, first korg sequencers and analog synths, ARP Quadra..etc.
Midi: Alisis equipment with a variety of drum machines and synths together producing music for the enjoyment of others.
Live Band experamental industrial music in the NW. Took a break for the last few years to paint on canvas, played piano
whenever available. Now interested in writing music again via computers and software.

purchased a HP pavilion 9500 notebook running win vista 32. Cakewalk HS4, and Edirol pcr-30. Everything sounds, and
looks good except for playability. I have spent hours with manuals. There is this 'Delay" of about a half a second after I
strike a key on the Edirol befor the instrument sounds?


hi darin!do u have asio drivers?i had similar problems but asio drivers helped me..