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Thread CPU problem in Reaon 3.0... PLEASE HELP!!!

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1 CPU problem in Reaon 3.0... PLEASE HELP!!!
>Hi! I am having problems with my CPU. I take for example a certain track I
made, with so many layers, (approximately 20). My computer starts to play the
track, as usual, but then crashes (the song stops playing) telling me my
computer is TOO SLOW!!! Might be, although I just bought a new computer (AMD
Athlon X2 (64 bits) Dual Core processor working at 3800+ MHz, 2GB of RAM,
running windows XP Home). But then I tried it on a AMD Athlon XP(I think XP)
single processor working at 2800+ MHz, with 1GB of RAM running windows XP
Professional) and the computer has no problem playing the song, I could make it
run 4 times that song.

WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? My computer was very expensive, and
I hope not to hear (as they told me) that my processor is NOT compatible with
Reason! How could that be?
>Actions required to reproduce the problem:
>Any song that is too complicated for my computer does the same on the other
computer (they play easily). So its not just one track that does it!
>Troubleshooting already attempted:
>My computer is not connected to the internet. I have three programs on my
computer, Reason, Frooty Loops and Goldwave (recording program). So my computer
is empty! Nothing runs in the background, my CPU goes to zero when the song
doesnt play!

Thanx for your time, honestly! Twan
I think thats the problem. Try running it on 32bit mode (you should be able to set it somewhere, maybe in BIOs, maybe from a switch on the actual box).

Failing that, post back and i'll investigate further.

With 20 layers that spec computer should run it without ANY problems!


p.s. how much stuff you got going on in the background?
i guess your problem could be your 64bit processor
since you run on windows xp home (32 bit os) reason can't fully use every feature of your X2
i could be wrong, but its the only thing i could think of...
Hey was up, i use reason 3.0 and when i try an save my music i get this messege that says" The operation cant be save because of media related problems" can you help me!