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Thread Coming out of a Power Mac G5

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1 Coming out of a Power Mac G5
Just bought a Power Mac G5, mainly for video editing with Final Cut Pro 5. Need audio to work well, of course, and I may also use this system for music recording. I'm running speaker cables out of my old Mackie 1202 mixer's main outs to a pair of Tapco S-5 studio monitors (1/4" to XLR). I'm taking audio out of the Mac in the only way I seem to be able to -- from its audio line out (miniplug) and going to a single channel of the Mackie.

This all seems unsatisfactory. Is miniplug audio out the only way to get audio out of such a powerful computer? I don't seem to be getting full stereo, and I'm getting plenty of RF interference, which I didn't get when these Tapco's were connected to my Aardvark sound card in my old PC. Do people put better sound cards in Macs, as they do with PCs? Is using the onboard sound card of the Mac the root of my problems?

I'd like to lose the RF interference, and get true stereo signal coming out my speakers.



Paul S.
Try an external audio interface (USB or Firewire) with studio monitor outs. They generally are able to produce the high quality sound you are talking about. The output on these are L and R RCA jacks, so I think thats what you mean by 'true stereo'.