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Thread Please help digital coax questions

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1 Please help digital coax questions
I have a very small set up.
Yahmaha 01v , Tascam DA88 , a PC Laptop and various outboard gear.

Everything's been working fine but I decided to try to capture audio to the computer digitally (until now I'd just go out the st. bus and into the line in of the computer.
I bought a Edirol UA-1D and just can't seem to get it working. The Laptop reconizes the device, so that's not the problem. I understand I won't be able to preveiw the Digital signal with out another device with a digital in.
I'm using an older version of sound forge to capture.
I'm not sure I I need to somehow route the stereo buss to the coax out on the 01v or if I'm using the wrong program or if I'm way off base altogether. Any help would be great .
You will need to route the stereo outputs to the spdif output as well. I once operated an 03D and I could route any pair of channels as well as the main mix to the spdif output, I imagine you could do the same with the 01V. Bear in mind that the UA-1D is only a half-duplex device, it cannot play back while you are recording at the same time; and playback is limited to only 48khz although it could record at 3 different samplerates.