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Thread Setting processor scheduling to background services

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1 Setting processor scheduling to background services
I am fearful of making this adjustment because last year I did this and my computer totally bugged out and I had to reinstall my OS. After reinstalling my OS I decided to make the adjustment to background services again - and low and behold, I had to reinstall windows again.

I am not sure if I want to take the chance again with my laptop (diff comp) because I would have days and days of work to do if i had to reinstall windows on it.

Has anyone eve experienced this problem before?

My pc has been set to background services from the day I installed WinXP. I suggest going to musicxp.net if you need additional pointers on whatever tweaks have to be done. What are your pc specs?
Dell 5150 laptop 2.8Ghz with HT
512k ram
40 GB hd

Laptops can be cantankerous beasts requiring their own drivers; a standard windows install will not do. I suggest taking your laptop to Dell and have them install the OS for you.

huh? now i'm really lost.
sorry - I still dont understand - why do i have to reformat my dell?

last year I had to reformat my destop because i switched the processor scheduling from programs to background services. I havent made that adjusment yet on my dell, therefore i havent run the risk of it crashing...
Sorry Sean,

I was of the impression that you had formatted your Dell when in fact your were refering to your desktop. If your laptop is working fine, then there is no need to change anything. I am surprised, however, why your desktop will crash just by changing it to run services in the background. Can I have more info on your desktop?

Its a P4 1.4Ghz

As you can imagine I am afraid to make the change to background services on my laptop. If it crashes I'll jump off my balcony!
No drastic actions, please!

I think your laptop is more robust than your desktop. But then again, if it ain't broke....
well in a way it is broke because its not being used efficently - i need to maximize the cpu resources for what i need them for.

when i dj, once in awhile i'll get some audio tearing.