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Thread Recording trouble with mixing board! PLS HELP!!

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1 Recording trouble with mixing board! PLS HELP!!
Heres the issue, and I appreciate any light you all might shed on this subject.
I've been recording and editing with programs like Cakewalk Sonar HomeStudio
and Adobe Audition for a few years. Never had an issue. I was processing straight
into the mic input on my Creative SoundBlaster Card.

I recently upgraded into an external soundboard. The Yamaha MW12. I'm putting
a brand new Apex vocal mic through the board, then a simple output from the
board that jacks straight to the same mic input on the creative soundcard.

This method worked for me for a time, then I moved. Unhooked all my equipment,
rehooked in the new home, and everything went screwy. There has been intense
latency delay in my recording with Audition, and with Cakewalk, though in real time,
everything is very distorted.

Can anyone help me figure out where this problem started?
I'm running low on patience with troubleshooting.....

Thanks for any help.

where are you sending the usb signal?

are you sending it to the control room (C-R) or to the stereo output (ST)?

Adobe Audition records everything that comes from the stereo output, so if you are routing the usb signal back to the stereo output, obviously you will record everything over and over again.

(read page 7 of the quick guide i posted before)
first, it would be better to use the "line in" input (blue jack) instead of the "mic in" (pink jack), because your signal is already raised by the mixer (what you call "soundboard").

second, why use the soundblaster when the MW12 can be connected directly thru USB? You get better quality AND zero latency this way.
This may all seem elementary to you, but I'm self taught... so there are alot of holes in my knowledge.

I should only be using the mw12 as an input, right?
Still outputting through my soundcard?
If so... its still causing a horrid delay.

This all worked perfectly a month ago...
the mw12 works as input AND output device

the delay is caused by your soundblaster, because you are using 2 different drivers to run 2 audio interfaces when all you need is one driver (ASIO) and one interface (MW12).

and a friendly tip: sell your soundblaster... or use it only for gaming... search the forum, 90% of delay trouble topics refer to a soundblaster!
I must be missing something then.
I don't understand how to process back through the mixer....
There is a record out option, but that isn't running back from my pc...
Help please.
I know its something simple I'm overlooking
I hadn't read the rules,
My apologies.
I made multiple postings thinking I could find fresh listeners with
different perspectives.

I seem to be getting CC form letter answers, from just you mostly....
I appreciate your diligence in moderating here, I'm only interested
in getting my simple setup problems smoothed over, then i'll
have little need to bother you, or the people here.

I am a musician, and I have been chomping at the bit
to express my creativity. Unfortunately, my technical
skills aren't able to keep up anymore.

I'll stick to this thread, if you put in the time to help
me. Then you'll be rid of me forever.

I just wanna write again.

Why would my output stream back through my input channels...
Thats all I wanna know now. You've been helpful, now
get me over this last challenge. Please.

1) Please post in one thread. Your multiple posting is just creating a mess.

There are rules on this forum, are you are invited to read them: http://forum.studioathome.com/viewtopic.php?id=16424

2) Have you searched for support on the Yamaha site?

Maybe there you'll find answers:

Okay, Now I've managed a few steps in the right direction.
I have my USB mixer working as both Input and Output.
The ASIO drivers from the Yamaha website seem to be working well
with Adobe Audition.

For a time I thought it was perfect. Til I started laying down multiple tracks,
and all the previous tracks were streaming through the input.

Of course you want your input tracks to be clean for independent tweaking...
Not a mash of everything else in your timeline.

Now what am I overlooking?

How did this become so difficult!?