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Thread Noise problems

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1 Noise problems

Hello everybody,

Its a pleasure to be here, and my incentive to join here is of course a technical problem which I don't know how to resolve.

I am dislectic and pretty ignorat about my facilities but I will give it a try.
I'm working with:
- A behringer mixer (aEurorack UB 802)
- Two M1 active Alesis monitors
- An M Audio 2496 sound card
- Cubase (PC)

I have high quality cables, all new, and I am very happy with my current monitors. They are definately the best you can find in their price (100 euro's a piece).

Now to my headaches:
I have different noise problems which make it almost impossible to record here. I recorded three full albums on this equipment in my former home and I didn't have these problems then.

Here is a list of tests I made which are not consequent enough for me to conclude anything particular:

1) When I record a guitar through the mixer (direct in jack) through a guitar rig on cubase, I receive an annyoing white noise in the background. I play double and single coil. When I switch on a distortion effect it becomes impossible to record. I tried directing the guitar straight to the interface, which cleaned up a lot of noise, but I feel it can be in more acceptable levels. There is a constant F# tone (1.5 octaves above middle C) which is humming in the background.
I then disconnected the Alesis jacks from the mixer and the F# tone was gone.
I can also stop the noise by closing down the cubase application, but thats not very handy for me.
My question: How can I keep using my monitors eliminating the noise in a different way?

2) I keep hearing a constant repeating buzz from my left monitor. He is situated above the computer, at the same distance from the screen as is my right monitor. Its very soft but realy unnecessary.
Any tips on what might cause it?

Thanks a million for your help. Any tip would be welcome, but detailed proffessional help will definately be appreciated!

Thanks and a happy new year!

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Hello, Caucasian noise.

Not sure what to suggest, without being there to troubleshoot.... could be related to the driver install, since you do say the noise stops, when Cubase is shut down. This suggests that the noise is related to the software's handling of the hardware, or the audio path being open, at least. It's also possible that you have some sort of level mismatch in your system, perhaps, a professional line level device (+4 dBU) feeding a consumer line device (-10) and creating a high noise floor. Check all your cabling and connections carefully.... assume nothing, until you have checked every connector and cable, as even a half-out plug can trash a quiet connection. Is there AC power located near your audio system or its connecting cables? And, further, and maybe most important.... how far away from your CPU are you, when you are recording? CPU noise will be picked up by pickups on the guitar, and will sound like a funny, whiny machine, always changing as the computer does different tasks. Might be your left-side monitor problem, too. Try backing well away from the computer once you're recording. OK.... let me know if this doesn't help, and we'll go from there.

Rob Dewar
Rock Shop Pro Audio