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Thread Home recording for dummies! What to buy !? Need some info!

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1 Home recording for dummies! What to buy !? Need some info!
After 20 years playing music and PC I have just found out that I could use them both and help me creating my music.

First what I want to do:
I want to track my guitar with a simple drum track to help me creating my vocal parts and lyrics and record fast demo to help other my band members learning or adding to the song.

What I have:
I already have reaper installed and one of my friend isntalled me a great program called EZdrummer.
I have already ordered KRK rokit 5 monitor.
I'm on a i7 920 windows 7 64pc with 6gb 1600 ddr3 (gamer pc but should do ok)

Type of music:
Heavy rock with bit of metal and punk.
Will  be recording rectifier, JCM 800, Bogner type of guitar sound
Also do some solo acoustic stuff.

What you need to know:
I have tried two cards already (a friend have them). The fast track ultra from m-audio (USB 2) and a firewire solo also from m-audio. No problems with USB but really bad sound fro firewire... My mobo is an Asus rampage II extreme.. don't know who's doing the firewire chip, maybe that's the problem.

What I want to know:
Ok what to buy?
At first I wanted a pod x3 live since it can act as a sound card. (read that somewhere)
But since i may really like doin' this maybe it would be better to get a good sound card.
My budget is around 700$.
I was looking at the UltraLite-mk3 Hybrid from MOTU, have USB2 and firewire.
Maybe add line 6 plugin pod farm or the pod 2.0??
Or choose the pod x3 live and... will it sound as good as the motu?

Or something else....