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Thread [Getting started] Dynamics Processing 101

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1 [Getting started] Dynamics Processing 101
Dynamics Processing 101
This week we'll tackle dynamics processing during mixdown, a very thorny subject if there ever was one...To approach the topic in the best way possible, it's useful to begin with a quick rundown of the concept of dynamics.

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I really dig the analogy with antibiotics. Couldn't agree more.
Ditto that. It's definitely gets the point across very clearly. :-)
Don't know about other countries but here in France, we had a national health campaign that stated "les antibiotiques ce n'est pas automatique !" - roughly translated : "antibiotics are not automatic". I really love this punch line and I thought that it was exactly the same thing when it comes to compression ;)
Yes indeed. Being a frog myself, I know what you talk about ;)
"Compressors are like antibiotics, don't overuse them!" This sentence made me smile.

On another note : I like the work you did Nantho, especially the way you explained mixing as a canvas. It's a subjective and personal picture you have in mind and that you try to translate through different tools within your DAW or whatever gears you own. Matter of tastes, time and experience to reach the sound you're the only one to hear and which people will love or hate beside.
Thanks for the kind words :bravo:
i think
that this article wirth nothing
it is just a commentary
audioi think
that this article worth nothing
it is just a commentary

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i think
that this article worth nothing it is just a commentary

I'm sorry to hear that you felt that way. I think, however, that the author's admonition about not overusing compressors is a very valuable piece of advice, that we should all keep in mind when mixing.
Very informative