M-Audio Computer Music user reviews

  • M-Audio Fast Track Usb

    M-Audio Fast Track Usb - "Preamp is not so good"


    The Fast Track from M Audio is one of the most popular interfaces they make because it is probably the most affordable ones and it is great for someone who is looking for their first interface. I was using the Fast Track about 4 and a half years ago…

  • M-Audio MobilePre

    M-Audio MobilePre - "Very good deal, comes with Pro Tools SE"


    The Mobile Pre is a basic 2 in and 2 out interface that has zero latency monitoring. It is one of the most affordable interfaces on the market and it also comes with Pro Tools SE to record with. There are 2 preamps on this model from M Audio. The pr…

  • M-Audio Midisport Uno

    M-Audio Midisport Uno - "Very simple and works well. You will eventually need more MIDI INS and OUTS"


    The MIDI Sport Uno is a small plug and play MIDI device that is so simple to set up. You install the drivers then plug it in and you can use it right away. It does not require any power supply and it connects to your computer through USB. The proble…

  • M-Audio Axiom 25 MKII

    M-Audio Axiom 25 MKII - "Better built then version 1"


    The Axiom 25 key MIDI controller 2nd Generation has been upgraded from the original one that came out. The Axiom 25 2nd Generation will let you get the most out of your MIDI controller and your software or DAW. It has 8 pads on board to use for your …

  • M-Audio Oxygen 61 (Blue)

    M-Audio Oxygen 61 (Blue) - "Works good, cheap feeling keys though"


    There are 61 velocity sensitive keys on the M-Audio Oxygen 61. It has 9 sliders, transport controls and it is compatible with just about any DAW you can name. It is very affordable and well built. I have been using this MIDI controller since 2010 and…

  • M-Audio Keystation 88es

    M-Audio Keystation 88es - "Great!"


    I bought the M-Audio Keystation 88es this summer because I needed a new, conservative, and good feeling Midi keyboard to play on. That is exactly what I got, and at an AWESOME price! I absolutely love this thing. It's a full 88 key model, with very l…

  • M-Audio ProFire 610

    M-Audio ProFire 610 - "Gotta have it!"


    The M Audio ProFire 610 has 6 by 10 simultaneous analog and digital ins and outs with 2 preamps. The cost of this interface is 500 dollars. If you are just starting out then I don’t suggest purchasing it because that will probably be out of your budg…

  • M-Audio Oxygen 25

    M-Audio Oxygen 25 - BeyondR's review


    The Oxygen 25 USB MIDI controller has eight assignable knobs, plus dedicated transport and track select buttons that motivated my choice. Another characteristic that motivated my choice was the DirectLink mode that automatically maps these controls …

  • M-Audio Studio Pack

    M-Audio Studio Pack - "Only missing one thing"


    M Audio’s Studio Pack is a must have for the person on the go. Before I had the Studio Pack I was just stuffing all of my stuff into a regular carry bag. It was really bad on my equipment and I use to get a new scratch on my gear almost every single …

  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 25

    M-Audio Axiom Pro 25 - BeyondR's review


    Characteristics that motivated my choice was the HyperControl Technology, the updated version of the best-selling Axiom 25 keyboard -- with a better-designed control panel, 25 semi-weighted keys , the DirectLink mode automatically maps the Axiom's f…