M-Audio Computer Music user reviews

  • M-Audio Firewire 18/14

    M-Audio Firewire 18/14 - "M audio's interfaces rock"


    The M Audio FireWire 18/14 was an interface that I used on several occasions back around 2008. It was well built and it came with a pretty good software that I didn’t expect to have any use with but ended up mixing some really good stuff with it. (I …

  • M-Audio Axiom Pro 49

    M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 - BeyondR's review


    Characteristics that motivated my choice was the HyperControl Technology, 49-Note that are hypersensitive, semi-weighted piano style, 64 MIDI assignable controls total and the great design provided by M-audio Axiom Pro 49. M-audio Axiom Pro 49 has a…

  • M-Audio Axiom 49 MKII

    M-Audio Axiom 49 MKII - BeyondR's review


    Characteristics that motivated my choice was it's great price and 49-key velocity-sensitive semi-weighted-action keyboard with assignable aftertouch, DirectLink mode automatically maps faders, buttons, and encoder knobs to common DAW and virtual inst…

  • M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Blue)

    M-Audio Oxygen 49 (Blue) - BeyondR's review


    M-audio oxygen 49 is a midi controller, pretty cheap but yet very high quality for it's price. Characteristics that motivated my choice was the eight assignable knobs and nine assignable sliders, also I did enjoy the direct link mode. It has a mid…

  • M-Audio Audiophile USB

    M-Audio Audiophile USB - "Solid Interface.. And Affordable"


    The M Audio Audiophile USB was purchased for 200 dollars which is a decent price point for this interface, its not over priced but not under priced either. It was a perfect interface for my home set up during the few months that I was using it. The s…

  • M-Audio Fast Track C600

    M-Audio Fast Track C600 - "Upgrade from the 410"


    The M Audio Fast Track C600 was a completely different design than any of the other interfaces M Audio has created over the years. I was really surprised with the way they stepped outside of the box and created the C600. The C600 is the upgraded fro…

  • M-Audio Thru 1x4

    M-Audio Thru 1x4 - "A simple midi splitter"


    The M-Audio Thru 1x4 (which is actually produced by the company's former name, Midiman) is a simple box that takes an input midi signal, and splits it into four midi signals, all though basic midi connections. It required no additional power in almos…

  • M-Audio Firewire 410

    M-Audio Firewire 410 - "Powerful and portable"


    With 4 inputs and 10 outputs all into a good sized interface this could be the best interface to have for your home setup. Even if you don’t need the 4 inputs or all of the outputs right now, it will still leave some room to grow once you need more i…

  • M-Audio Fast Track Pro

    M-Audio Fast Track Pro - "Nice starting package"


    M Audio Fast Track Pro was a very affordable interface that I purchased from eBay in a package deal online about 2 years ago. It came with a basic version of pro tools. I think the pro tools version that it came with was the student version. That ver…

  • M-Audio ProFire 610

    M-Audio ProFire 610 - "I took the ProFire everywhere"


    Any M Audio interface is going to be very good to use, they are well built and will work with almost any daw. So when using the M Audio ProFire 610 I already knew what to expect out of it. It ended up being my main interface for a while. I did experi…