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  • AKG C 1000

    AKG C 1000 - moosers's review


    I own a pair of AKG C1000s and I have used them extensively in the studio. They're a great set (I would recommend getting a pair) of small-diaphragm condensers. It has an on/off switch, which always comes in handy and the design of the mic makes it e…

  • RODE NT5

    RODE NT5 - moosers's review


    The Rode NT5s are a pair of small-diaphragm condenser microphones that I have used extensively in the studio, mostly on drums and acoustic guitars. OVERALL OPINION These mics are great as a stereo pair. While these aren't the Neumann KM184s, these …

  • RODE NT1-A

    RODE NT1-A - moosers's review


    The Rode NT1-A is a great recording condenser microphone. I use it mostly for vocals and it used to be my go to mic before I got my Neumann TLM103. I've also use it on acoustic guitars and it works great for that application as well. OVERALL OPINION…

  • Neumann TLM 103

    Neumann TLM 103 - moosers's review


    I've used the Neumann TLM103 strictly in the studio on everything from vocals to banjo to acoustic guitar. It is great for any and all applications that you would typically use a large diaphragm condenser mic for. The only thing I wasn't happy about …

  • The T.bone SC-140 Stereo Set

    The T.bone SC-140 Stereo Set - Bstring's review


    Condenser OVERALL OPINION First day. Sound is impressive. Compared to my Rode NT3 the sc140 sounds better for everything I have tried so far - vocals, violin, percussion. I'm shocked at how clear and natural the sound is. I've now gone and bought a…

  • Behringer C-1

    Behringer C-1 - lerevecbeau's review


    Rather robust condenser mic to record vocals and acoustic instruments. OVERALL OPINION I've been using it for two months. It has a bad signal-to-noise ratio. I tested it on another sound system (different mixing console, different cables, etc.) wi…

  • Behringer C-1

    Behringer C-1 - Anonyme's review


    Rather solid condenser mic (requires phantom power) with a good packaging (transport case and adapter for suspension shock mount). This mic can record vocals and acoustic instruments but, contrary to what is usually said about behirnger, I wouldn't …

  • Behringer C-1

    Behringer C-1 - simonpca's review


    Go to Behringer's website OVERALL OPINION A nice mic with a ludicrous price. It's a Behringer, so it's obviously low-end. Live it can have a tendency to generate feedback if you are not careful. But in a home-studio, i…

  • MXL 990

    MXL 990 - Anonyme's review


    Cardioid Electrostatic with 48V phantom power 20mm 6 microns capsule 30 - 20 000 Hz Sensitivity: 10 mV/Pa SPL: 134 dB 2.3" x 5.1" 9.5 lbs This mic doesn't have a low-cut filter nor -10 dB pad Sold with shock mount suspension and case but…

  • MXL 990

    MXL 990 - Yjanet's review


    A rather general-purpose cardioid mic. Not bad on paper, even if it doesn't have the flattest curve (but there are worse and more expensive). OVERALL OPINION I've been using it for 1.5 years, directly connected to the mixer and phantom power, which…

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