Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha 01V

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 42 reviews )
 18 reviews43 %
 16 reviews38 %
 4 reviews10 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
Kiki MiKa'z02/22/2012

Kiki MiKa'z's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good to start with digital"

Yamaha 01V
Not rackable
sampling 16bits/48KHz


Recording and mix show.


The A / D converters and D / A transparent
Effective filters and effects


Using 2 years

pierhomme's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs well but deprecated"

Yamaha 01V
Yes (via Querre a purchase sup)

12 XLR / TRS jack, 2 input jack Stros
Between I / O RCA tape

Sampling 16bits/44, 1kHz

4 to mono - 4 Stereo Bus - 2 I / O to internal effect

Paramtrique EQ and dynamics processing on all channels

No automation, but motorized faders for backup / restore paramtres


Very simple configuration for connoisseurs of OS Yamaha

Manuel ultra complete and on paper.

The interface is complte trs. It is trs ais to take all of intrts numrique (routing, effects)


A / D converters and D / A and pramp trs dishes.
They especially 10 years.

Effects effective but not necessarily beautiful


I use it for 10 years

I did basically all models of numriques dernires years (benefits).
I like my little 01V even if it is now hyper Exceeds.

I like the versatility of numrique

I bought 10 years ago in 1000.
Used for 500, was worth

maes's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Console in good quality but Exceeds"

Yamaha 01V
I think that says all t, if not just for the record rcuprer a.
On leaving, c't at the top, now it is true that it is a bit technically Exceeds (number of limit chantillonage, ect ..)
Every time I use the point that I toujoursn ESG as the number of ...
(So ​​I Intgr 4 Behringer RX1602 rack my set for input synths, it's a solution that suits me).
On leaving I would have put more than 7.


All is well for me, but this is subjective and probably li the fact that I can use it for quite some time.
It can also serve as a major controller noon if we take a little time, which is to live INTERESTED.


Everything is okay trs.
Since even if there are better.
L as a few years ago I would have put more than 7.


I use it for 10-12 years.
Before I had a console not numrique, c't bcp more complicated to "keep" his rglages. OCCAZ now is a good deal, the rest of the hardware was "semi-pro".
I would do my choice of the era without hsitation.
Today I do not know if I bought a console (which I am not planning for it agree!) I would look at the newer version.

wse85's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good password everywhere"

Yamaha 01V


Config gnle rather simple, you plug and running.
A manual trs 300 pages full of useful s'avre who does not know Yamaha ....
The handling is simple asser must get used to navigate through menus and sub menus.
01v of the M7CL, Yamh kept the same logic.
7 / 10


The Yamaha 01V pmris a few wrinkles of course. But it remains for me very practical for a small group or aA sound. It should "kick the EQ" does not expect a sound that will put your ass on the floor ... But for the price, especially now occas', though I find I find it.
The practice of having ct, compress' gate, limiter, etc. effects. just to walk around in without his rack.
Pramps of a little cold. But in any fawn they will not play with a 01V system or Christan Adamson Hell ... It will fit your small, medium and fill out its config rle.
6 / 10


I used two, sometimes link together for seven years. The 01v silent the best quality price numrique.
I tried mackie, today I have a live studio prsonus 24. I will not speak of the "larger" essay because numrique see anything ...
I think I buy a 01V96V2 for small benefits and live thatre.
I like the least and the navigation a bit cold in ct pramp.
Excellent price quality ratio, I possd four in all. Never fault or bug. these preparations in loc, and I shot a lot of concerts. Yam Costaud anyway.
7 / 10

basso_seb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good food."

Yamaha 01V
See the doc.


Very easy to use. (I also have a Tascam DM24 much more complicated than the Yamaha).


To use that I do (live in the orchestra), they are very good.


For almost eight years I use it.
They've never failed.
I used two coupled together via MIDI, so that I end up with 24 channels accessible directly.
Over time, sometimes the knobs used to adjust the equalizer do not work very well, but since you can also adjust with the knob, it does not bother me so much.

Burno's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Compact and correct"

Yamaha 01V
Rackable Option, the connection is good (no insert)

At levels of rputing is a bit more weird, the band have 4For of 1-16 and 17-24 of the more than 2 ..
Ditto for the 2 band parametric EQ for channels 17-24 (the coup must juggle a can)
2 multi purpose integrated
Automation is not integrated but can be managed with an external midi sequencer. (It works fine ..)

Levels in sync .. 44khz 48khz internally or via the digital input.


Setup is very simple, the manual I've never opened ... The functions are simple. A bit less clear when using an expansion card.


The converters are correct for my part (in the context of electronic music).
But it is not well seen by all ..

The effect is quite efficient type spx 900 990 (with the breath and less!) For beautiful reverb forget the lexicon on.

dynamics is a bit weird, the compression is not tiptop.


Console quality. One must be careful. Avoid the bully Knob rotary rather fragile.
I still regret not having waited for the release of version 96khz ...

Today it is a console that does not score at all, it's a shame it is well worth a console analog input range with its racks

schala's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" satisfies"

Yamaha 01V
Small modification of the electrical power supply (type shukos) very valuable.
Added a slider to the track marks, very convenient.


SIMPE very general configuration, when one knows Yamaha products, or we used digital.
Short enough time to adapt, use relatively intuitive when it comes to analog.
Live, to manage thousands of tracks at the same time on a quick adjustment is not very functional.


AD converters very clear!
Filter dynamics and very accurate


Using 2 years
In digital hardware tries Roland analog Soudcrafft, Allen and Yamaha.

Plus: Compact and everything is in it! very affordable price for such material! AC remains a benchmark.
Fewest: hergonomie live on a big config

Value for money very good! Unbeatable ... in my opinion.

I would do without hesitation that choice. I'll buy a 01V96. My 01V is for sale at 500 €

yakoba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" robust"

Yamaha 01V
* Is the rack? Yes
* How many lanes, bus, auxiliary sends, returns ...)? 4bus, 4 to
* What type of connectors (RCA Jack, XLR ...)? 12 XLR mic inputs, otherwise balanced jack, an input output I SPIF plus a map aes / ebu
* The parametric equalizer is it? Yes
* An effects section is integrated? ... For Digital Consoles: yes
* What is the accuracy of the sample (bits / kHz)? 16bits 48k
* Automation is supported? Yes
* What type of sync are supported? ... Noon


The general configuration is simple? no it's a real gas plant but I like when there are many possibilities.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ... The manual is clear and complete.


The A / D converters and D / A are transparent? converters are not terrible but the scene is enough for me.
The effects and filters are effective? The filters are effective, the effects poor.


For how long have you been using it? 4 or 5 years.

Did you try many other models before getting this one? digital 02R is roughly the same functions and more cumbersome and more slices.

What is so special that you like best?: Robust and numerous possibilities in terms of patching, monitoring noon (I pilot with a MIDI pedal). I tried many configurations and it has always obeyed the foot and the finger!

the least?: its weight, its converters, effects (I use a multi externality G major)

Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice? yes 01V96 unless I find one day an equivalent model in less bulky and less heavy.

lerevecbeau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
Everything has already been said in prior reviews. I have one more extension ADAT.


The grip is exceptionally simple.
The manual is very well done and in French!


The samplers are very good quality. The effects are nice. I regret that it is not possible to insert an effect on a track. As against the compressors are great!


I use it for 3 months now and I am far from having made the tour of its capabilities. What I like about this table is its ease of use, can also connect an ADAT interface. I regret still that the gains are not stored in scene memories. But I Motes ... I had a Fostex VM88 before 01V. Now with it being played in the major!

Nocturnum's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
9 / 10 because everything but the 10 does say it will be for one day ... 02V, can be ...


Incredibly easy to take over for whom this DONNNE SENTENCE TO READ THE MANUAL!
Because I understand anything while it was not open the book it's great no matter what.
The functions are incredibly accessible and I admit the quality of AIM and other eq comp easily paramtrable m ^ me if I continue to work with a lot of hardware.


A sound impcable, I still can not! and some say that the dead Whereas since version 01V96 ...
Jai could compare the two and frankly I'm happy with my choice, that will not be leaving for the main spar monitor mix. On the 96, the main influence and direct the monitor is not really practical.


For me it's my future home studio combines quality and value for price was incredible for me because I pay 470 an English studio which renewed his gear.
A choice has to do with eyes closed.