Yamaha 01V
Yamaha 01V

01V, Digital Mixer from Yamaha in the 01V series.

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All user reviews for the Yamaha 01V

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 42 reviews )
 18 reviews43 %
 16 reviews38 %
 4 reviews10 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent

bennn3010's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" slightly exceeded"

Yamaha 01V
connections classic XLR, RCA ...
12 mic inputs only, as the range of 01V, which is too little on many configurations; shame because it is fairly complete. Parametric eq. Internal effects, dynamics processing on each channel.


Simple when you know a little numerical tables. I did not read the manual. Functions accessible even if you still have a little knowledge before being efficient.


Then it becomes a bit difficult to judge. Today, she is overwhelmed level processing (EQ, dynamics, fx). I prefer to work with the same brand of analog with some external compressors. For eq, the screen is almost unreadable.


Sturdy table can be easily trimballée, reliable (never seen a crash). Ideal for all small projects or try your hand too but just level sound quality compared to the current tables (even if it is difficult to find as robust and reliable with a small budget today)

jayinspace's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" top notch"

Yamaha 01V







Bhd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A purchase"

Yamaha 01V
Everything is good about these settings for my use.


This is my first table, I was very hard but hey this is for my needs I have in my hand but I still have much to discover I only use half of these possibilities.


Everything I need is at my level in this table; impeccable.


As with any installation, it is not the table, there is the source and HPs.
I work with a Mac, Micro SM58 file without the 01V back MSR 400 and 2 front 2 DSR 215, I am very satisfied.

sdranaa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A generic table for live amateur"

Yamaha 01V
With 12 PCM channels, returns its four circuits, integrated effects and Equal parametric plutôy good to make the stage for amateur groups but demanding


Must be appropriated, it is a real computer, but once you understand his way of thinking .... a pleasure to speed


The more we advance in sound, it is more demanding. The weak point of this table is the age of technology and pre amp exceeded. In spite of everything we come out good sound live


My table out every 3 weeks on average for the live.
Aside from a problem with the expansion slot which was rebooting the table if the extension is engaged, I am fully satisfied.
Obviously, when I have the chance to try a LS9 DM1000 or 01V96 or the last, I said .... but for the investment I made, I am satisfied.
If I invested in another table, I will keep this one anyway

zitouni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha 01V
Digital rackmount option.
XLR inputs jacks, rca to 2tracks
12 mic inputs + 4 line inputs
4 departures omni stereo out jack + XLR + stereo monitor out jacks in
4 eq parametric input and output
2 internal FX
automation, MIDI


config simple for anyone who knows the logic Yamaha
never opened the manual
basic functions clear and accessible


Yamaha basic converters, preamps same, nothing magical
Parametric EQ precise


10 years, it was my first console
since I have used many, many, many. But I kept it because it did not bother fail, and even now I take with me for small concerts and I do not know what I'm going to console as M. .. E onsite at least with her I know what I have: a complete governed in a small box.
You can now find it for a pittance, it's still 1000 times better than the Berhinger

jeffbassman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Perfect! (For what I do)"

Yamaha 01V
Rackable. Mounting rack option. Connectors XLR, Jack and RCA for the 2TR.
Sampling at 16 bit/48 kHz maximum. Just a little today but excellent at the time in 2000. 16 inputs: - 12 XLR mic inputs. - 2 line inputs stereo jack. - 1 Input / 1 RCA 2TR.
4 Auxiliary Bus 4. 2 Effects. (Powerful integrated multi-effects) 4-band parametric EQ complete. Automation with motorized faders. Synchro control system from the console. Noon. 48v Phantom power.


easy to use if you take a little time to read the manual very intuitive anyway!


it is a little outdated to record an album, but sufficient for a model or to the live.
I use it mainly live and the sound is better than the current analog for the same price. Without the need for compressors and other external effects: they are already in the beast!


I use it for almost 4 years, and live again. No worries since it's tough!
For a group like mine, it is exactly what we are looking for a very good report his / ease of use.

I recommend this and I will ever use this option without problem.

lololuppin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent console"

Yamaha 01V
Console very complete, very reliable, robust after all depends on the use to me it is in flight case in excellent condition, it is used for a group of five musicians, I recommend this console very versatile.


It is quickly intuitive console


Console complete and very versatile especially quality


Excellent choice this is my third Yamaha console with 2 digital I will ever trust this brand.

Chichi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" 01v always successful!"

Yamaha 01V
I still have my 01v extension with 8 analog inputs for my keyboards.

of origin, it has 12 XLR inputs with 48v if needed + 2 stereo inputs (Line)
which I added my 8 line inputs on my card.
There are 4 bus, 4 outputs "mix" or you can send one to, 1 bus, 1 output L or R.
I used to 44Khzmmais I believe it can go up to 48.
EQs are 4 ways out of every parameter and master output too.
it is controllable by noon it 100 memories of scenes.
sync, except for MIDI, it should consult the doc because I do not use
that live.
there is a dynamics processor on each slice (comp or gate) and two multi-effects very nice. there are even reverb + delay, which allows the use of other multi-effect flanger + or another.
but it must tinker rack ears or find as option.


Commes all yamaha digital consoles, the 01v is simple to master once we spent a few hours on it.
I keyboards and I manage real-time effects, and returns the same EQ with my left hand playing at the same time ...

the record, I opened to understand the minimum, and then, .. it runs.
controls for MIDI, spdif, clocks, everything in there. I have friends who have had this console and mastered but personally I've never needed ..


on sound and dynamic converters are already outdated
(It has more than 12 years) but I think it does a good job.
Yamaha's reputation, it is the lack of heat!
for me the effects are very clean (reverb, delay ...). compressors tops but not there!

If we compare with the latest generation of this type of mix is ​​sure to € 1500, there's more!
For cons, the price of the occasion (€ 450) is a good plan!


my 01, I use it for more than 10 years on stage. I checked every year, a little help clean it off again! is reliable (more than 1000 concerts).
she traveled to fly, there is only me who uses it.

Before, I used a mix analog tascam and it was night and day!

in concert, sometimes in Zeniths, no sound engineer told me "it sounds" blah ".

short, I am more than happy!

it may be that I separated into year-end, if you're interested .....

A +
ced wolff08/23/2012

ced wolff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" reliable but limited"

Yamaha 01V


The general configuration is it simple?



The A / D converters and D / A are transparent?

the conversion is correct with the optional adat (not fat compared to convertos apoggee style)

The effects and filters are effective? The dynamics are respected? ...

I do not use too much effects because taking head on that tiny LCD lcd

In contrast, the preamp is merdiques.Faut do not count taken with ça.C is just good for its own maqette.Le the consolle not blowing.


How long have you been using?

3 years

Did you try many other models before buying it?

It was my first console in 2000 at the time I dreamed of digital

What is so special that you like most and least?
+-No breath
Telecomande daw-function
-Ability to connect multiple monitors

- Preamps
- Format 20 bits
- 41KHZ frequency
Zéro db03/08/2012

Zéro db's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Numerous possibilities rack."

Yamaha 01V
Rackable. Optional rack brackets. Connectors XLR and RCA Jack for 2TR.
Sampling rate up to 16 bit/48 kHz. A fair bit today but excellent at the time in 2000. 16 inputs: - 12 XLR mic inputs. - 2 line stereo jack. - 1 Input / 1 RCA 2TR.
4 auxiliaries, 4 Bus. Two effects. (Integrated powerful multi-effects) 4-band parametric equalizer complete. Automation with motorized faders. Sync and control system from the console. Noon. 48v Phantom power.


Simple configuration, easy to use. The manual is clear and sufficient. I find this console very easy to use despite many opportunities in the studio or live. All functions are easily accessible.


Very good sound. Effects, dynamic processors available effective on all channels and mix. Good momentum at the time. Now the 24 bits is required. See 01V96.


I use it for 12 years without reliability problems. I added a map to get four additional outputs for a total of 8 outputs for saving me a battery. I've used other consoles but analog. Nothing to see, the possibilities are multiplied in digital. I used the RAMSA WR-T820 which is very comprehensive but very heavy. A carry at least 2.
- What I love most:
I love just about everything (I love that console). The ease of use.
The ability to add a card (ADAT, 4 outputs, ...) I appreciate the digital opportunities. Effects, dynamic processors available for each entry way, the complete equalization on each channel. Can store these propes equalization, dynamics processors, mixes ... The weight (12.5 kg) portable for live (rackmount). The versatile studio / live.
The accuracy of digital (saving settings). Automation. MIDI. We can control the console from a computer (fader, pan, ...) The digital output. These capabilities into a small space (rack).
I forget certainly other things I like.
- What I like least:
There is a dust problem that goes behind the screen (see screen cleaning tutorial), despite the great care that I bring. No one to insert the two integrated multi-effects are not enough.
You understood that this choice I would do without thinking. Very good material. To be replaced by 01V96 today. A buying opportunity now to live for these numerous possibilities, required for groups.