Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

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All user reviews for the Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

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boutman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Super ...."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
All been said ...
connectivity is very good but it is true that I do not understand that there is not jack combo socket / Line


I did not think AC would be easier! At it out of the box I put only 3 hours to do my first song (vocals, guitar, guitar 2, bass, rhythm internal BR)
intuitive navigation, the effects are good and varied, registration is fast and efficient, the manual is clear!


sounds to me not look too bad! but I've yet too soon to give an objective opinion!


I've had three days, so not all the necessary perspective to the full functionality! but it looks to me at all good!
I worked directly before taking on his computer! and I was fed up with the problems of drivers, latency, blah ...
I wanted something simple and effective method to quickly capture! it's good I ;-)
it's beautiful, small, simple, portable, lightweight and features to do a good job without taking the head ...

starfred's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great was my dream thank you boss!"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
magneto-digital truly versatile & easy to use intuitive
he speaks in englais but if it is used. there have 8 track edition
but it simultaneously proposes a total of 64 different track divided into eight part can be read or change at any time. and storage SDHC card is exelente large format 16 and 32 gigabytes sdhc but well made and


yes it is easily passed its surface is touch and a bit confusing at the beginning of maniment but if done quickly, the manual is very clear & editing rhythm part is easy with editing software is quick and clear


the quality of the little I have unfortunately not too prenoncé me on the subject but listening
the headset is already seeing a good result on a small transistor amp I said it gives pluto, finally I verait it on a good sound system soon
effects are at the height of the chip is waiting above the gt10 sounds great distortion are the powerful dynamics and cool this is the very quality of an amp's low-end sounds good!


Aquis soon the few hours of use published my pure happiness I wanted at all costs is the only model that suited me much support sdhc card it's internal sounds are powerful and editing software sonar "the" are consular speaks in french and in addition he also led a few MIDI system. my surprise that he could do all this. it controls the MIDI system by a system can "converssion similar digital" my sound card MIDI signals RETURNED well on the rest of the installation
and in terms of quality did nothing wrong if he still had been taken twelve o'clock this aurra handy as is the Yamaha QY100 j'espèrre aquerire that in the coming months for more precisely controlled the rest of studio and other synth, I hesitate not remake the same choice for another model

bfl's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Of ..."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Dj Describes widely


Manual in English only. Trs bad if you do not read English.


I'm not in the pursuit of his ultimate a priori good.


I use it for a month after having used quite a few years for the micro BR.

It is a product of Aesthetics sduisante. If it is to have a beautiful thing, it's great.

on the other hand, it is subject to the compltement computer. Edition of pace, converter, working on the tracks (the br can cut and paste, merge ...) none of that here! You will need a computer.

Or, why not! But the problem is that the connections bug! Lditeur rhythm plant, as the converter and the Controller (which is used to control the computer with the br800 is only half with sonar ... I have a PC yet dernire g nration ...

I know it's not nice to dcrire and this machine, but that goal.

If it's a nice looking machine Premire, partly nomadic. But the micro BR is remarkable in that area.

If not glop to really work.

That said, the dress is beautiful. Et .. it is often the key to selling a product.

Of ....

rounard75's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple and powerful portable multitrack"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
With 4 multi-input jack and / or XLR (one phantom mic), LINE IN, Guitar Input, RCA. 44 kHz Sampling, storage of up to 32 GB SDHC card (1GB included), 4 simultaneous tracks, eight tracks at mixdown tracks and 64 "virtual" (V tracks. WAV format. Contactors touch, lightweight and has very well. Its lightness makes it a camera open for mobile use (battery power, USB or AC adapter).


A first approach to the unit's reception: I could start Laying out three draft improvised pieces thanks to the EZ recording (which pre-selects the rhythm, the choice of instrument sounds). I also did a track record of improv jam récupée and recorded from the Line In (external drive with a cd). The manual is very complete in English, the French version is available on the Roland site. Editing of sound can be refined as many parameters and effects are available but the guitar presets are already very successful model for fast.


Good dynamic rendering (Cosm effects processor, GT 10), effects for electric guitar, acoustic guitar (not tested), bass, vocals, bass simulator (very accurate and credible) and acoustic guitar. Many parametric effects (hundreds) with memories of patches users. Mastering effects pre-programmed and saved user patches or "song".


I just got it and I used an afternoon with additional instruments. 1) the models of guitar and bass is surprisingly good (better for a guitar amp transistor modeling), 2) the built-in looper is a real plus, especially since it is a disconcerting ease of use, allowing the development of complete loops but also to make a record with some curly and the rest in free overdubs, 3) feature mastering, with presets according to musical genre, or parameters as desired according the track or the whole; 4) EZ recording function for quick ideas friendly. there is also a phrase trainer that I have not tested, according to a "putsch in / out putsch" to correct the small passages in a recovery record (invest in the foot switch), the ability to choose 8 versions from virtual one that is best for a given track etc ... A high quality product, therefore, the scope of an individual. Side mics: ok for voice, percussion type djembe, flutes, shakers ... Difficult for low frequencies like those of a balafon. Price / quality ratio, it seems, very good (I see the strength of the device over time, including tactile switches). Bought 439 euros with headphones, a jack and a Y FS6, great product! I go to a result close to the professional. I think a very good investment for any musician!

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Remains a Boss expensive in this range."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

I waited a bit to give an objective opinion of the pros and cons.
Connectivity issue is not too bad, I would highlight a rating, why in the complex and did not put mixed inputs such as Zoom, for example? Support SD, SDHC up to 32 billion degrees.
Then the crucial point: the simultaneous inputs, it is better in this price range, even less expensive (R16 Zoom eight entries). The rest has been described on numerous occasions.


For simplicity, yes. The manual is now available in French and was on the site. The rather crude and simplified edition is relatively easy.


Everything is clear and transparent, the registration may be sufficient and be limited to the BR itself if you like COSM GT series guitars, Drum interns, vocal effects VE-20 fair enough.
The simulated low is not too bad but not transcendent.
Overall, the dynamic is good and all but one managed to meet its promises.


I start the 4th month after having a photo Mrs8 as successor to a K7 and a 4-track tape.
I like its compactness, Look, the EZ to record quickly.
I do not like internal mics very / too fast drafts.
The limited number of simultaneous inputs (solo it goes), I had to and because we feel very soon need more tracks, buy a R16 Zoom (8x8).

I do not do it again because this choice already Zoom R24 and at the same price.
Therefore face a high price to its main competitor in this range
and this quality.
Magix Fingers01/15/2011

Magix Fingers's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Pleasantly surprised rest conquire"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
What follows is not mine but there are a lot of its features for the most meticulous of us.
BOSS has earned a notorious reputation in the field of compact and affordable multi-track recorders but quality without compromise. BR-800 further expands the range by providing battery-operated studio. The astonishing thinness of the casing is made possible thanks to the switches tactile sensor and recording to SD card. You can record 4 tracks simultaneously and play 8 tracks simultaneously over a stereo track reserved for the additional generator internal rhythms. The powerful effect processor offers the BR-800 guitar effects and bass from the GT-10/10B, effects for vocals and harmonies from the EV-20 and COSM models of acoustic guitars. The "EZ Recording" guides you through the entire registration process. BR-800 is equipped with a stereo microphone for recording your first song sketches. Wherever you are, you will not lose the fruit of inspiration thanks to the BR-800!
Simultaneous recording on 4-track simultaneous playback of 8 tracks plus a stereo track for the rhythm parts
The "EZ Recording" guides you through the entire registration process
Powerful effects for guitar, bass and vocals from the best effects processors BOSS
Recording function "Sketch Song" for the registration of new ideas in stereo (WAV)
Advanced drum machine with editing software
Can also be used as USB audio interface and control surface for DAW software
Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE comes with complete audio loops and backing tracks
Built-in stereo condenser microphone
Ultra-thin new interface and touch controls
1GB SD card supplied (compatible with SDHC cards up to 32GB)
Powered by 6 AA batteries / USB / AC adapter (supplied)

Tracks: 8, Virtual Tracks: 64 (8 tracks "V" / track) * It is possible to record 4 tracks simultaneously and play up to 8 tracks simultaneously ..
Maximum usable capacity: SD Card: 1GB ~ 2GB SDHC: 4GB-32GB
Data Type: HiFi (MT2) Roland / BOSS original format, * 16-bit stereo WAV lineal (SKETCH SONG)
Signal Processing: [24-bit, ΔΣ Modulation + AF-AD (GUITAR / BASS)], [24 bit, ΔΣ Modulation + AF-AD (MIC)], [24 bit, ΔΣ Modulation (LINE)], [24-bit , ΔΣ Modulation (simulated)]: 24 bit, ΔΣ Modulation
24-bit (digital mixer)
Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
Bandwidth: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+1 /-3dB)
Nominal Input Level (Variable): GUITAR / BASS: -20 dBu, MIC 1 / 2 (TRS balanced / XLR):-40dBu, LINE IN: -10 dBu
Input Impedance: GUITAR / BASS: 1MW, MIC 1 / 2 (TRS balanced / XLR): 1.5 kΩ (hot-cold), 1.0 kΩ (hot-mass, cold-mass), LINE IN: 10 k ohms
Nominal Output Level: LINE OUT: -10 dBu
Output impedance: LINE OUT: 2 k ohms, PHONES: 140Ω
Recommended Load Impedance: LINE OUT: 20kΩ or more PHONES: 32 ~ 100Ω
Residual Noise Level: LINE OUT: Max-85dBu (INPUT SELECT: GUITAR/BASS/MIC2, input shorted with 1 k ohms, INPUT SENS: CENTER, IHF-A typ., Effect off)
Interface DIGITAL OUT: 16 ~ 24-bit (optical), USB port
Screen: 128 x64 pixels (Backlit LCD)
Connectors: GUITAR / BASS jack (1 / 4 "phone type), INPUT 1 to 4 jacks (XLR type / 1 / 4" TRS phone type), LINE IN jack (Stereo miniature phone type), FOOT SW / EXP PEDAL (1 / 4 TRS phone type), LINE OUT jacks (RCA phono type), PHONES jack (Stereo 1 / 4 "phone type), USB connector, DC IN jack
Power supply: DC 9V Dry Batteries x6
Consumption: 280mA * Expected life of batteries under continuous use: Alkaline: 5.5 hours. These values ​​vary depending on conditions of use.
Dimensions: 289 (W) x 184 (D) x 58 (H) mm
Weight: 890 g (without adapter)
Accessories: AC adapter, Instruction Manual, Demo Board 1GB, USB cable, DVD-Rom
Options: Foot Switch: FS-5U, Pedal (switch): DP-2 (Roland), Expression Pedal: EV-5 (Roland), Foot Volume / Expression: FV-500L, FV-500H


The manual is in french but this is pretty much intuitive for those who have already had a digital recorder regardless of the brand (menu to access all or almost play to listen to record rec effect for the guitar rhythm and etc. .. trackwheel to choose here)
For configuration notemment at entrances that we no longer assign the track between guillement ie it should select the input that is 2 or 4 input or sound recording via the 2 Micro BR
Then he puts you on 1 or 2 or 4 tracks at the same time and record all the AC track all departing I took him to put to enjoy the four inputs for a microphone included a synth guitar and an electric Electroacoustic by selecting the entry with the intruder chose and assigned to the track but apparently wanted to be impossible unless Schive and again.
(I hope to be clear because I know what I want to write arched explain but it takes hard)
With regard to the sound of guitar effects and vocals and mastering of these then it sincerely regale quite impressive given the clean and I find that even when the result of mastering is better than the record in the least it does not do that garage studio to make sense of the term.
There are some who will surely have things to say but frankly with all the reviews I've read has made available the videos we finally stopped and we know in our heads so confused because I had a good plan for this product because I got it at 360 € instead of 450 € and I had the old stuff so I took advantage with fear at the beginning and then when it arrived I stayed mouth B its really sincerely the effect well I think everything is intuitive and whimsical touch, but it has the advantage as sensitive but sometimes it's convenient.


The sound for me I find no fault with any person and fills me in all my projects even crazier neighbors do not complain, yet alone know what the neighbors are the "best judge" in the sense or if it sucks in the sense scrambling to their ears because they do not always understand that noise is the true music, for the coup or no complaints so I play well or very well that he heard the noise I was was actually the music and the music that rings true and everything. ;-D


For the overall opinion I'm not going to make a sandwich, just that if I would do it over again this choice willingly eyes closed I think this is silly practice easily transportable and made personal for me (but I repeat it is so difficult to choose with as many opinions for and against no one knows in the end it may be necessary to follow his instinct and I am not mistaken) that more properly without overdoing it is surely better but for my projects that I suffices.
All the functions it offers are correct to make a good project to see one or two "album and everything sounds the purpose batteries.
Only downside I would say is that a PC is essential for programming of the battery that is complex at first, then it's easier and nice to have a drummer who follows you and the SD card I add personal One of 8G to be quiet and I'm quiet for very long (I think 68 hours of recording in total)
here is hoping you have help in your research I este available if you have any question and if you got so far I leave you my address on myspace to listen to what the recorder gave the title of the song is "Like" .

Gratt'oche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Few minor disappointments ..."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
You can find this box a little smaller than an A4 sheet connectors fairly complete: 4 input jack and XLR input + mini jack for connecting an external source. A jack for a footswitch, an RCA output. No MIDI.
On the side are taken to plug the AC adapter and USB input (which can power the unit).
In front, there is a 6.35 high impedance jack for connecting guitars and bass and a headphone output (also 6.35)

The sampling is done 44100Hz Stereo, but in a format it is necessary to convert the supplied software to be able to read on a computer.

Data storage is on SD card (SDHC compatible)
This unit can record up to 4 tracks and read 8 (4 mono + 2 stereo) simultaneously.

It is also possible to register with embedded microphones, and a number of presets (editable) are available to fit depending on the source, but do not expect miracles, it is a decision- its really mean that you get with these microphones.


use for a regular, it quickly finds its mark, there is a little browsing through the menus, but some keys act as "shortcuts", and it is rather well done in the together.

The manual is very complete, that in my case it was provided in English on paper, but it can be found on the CD-ROM and on-site boss.
Editing sounds is actually pretty good effects, the big screen is fairly explicit, a dial to select the values and navigate through parameters.


Sound level, nothing wrong, it is rather good, the effects are the famous COSM effects, and are from the Boss GT-8, we can reconstruct all kinds of sounds with this device. I blame him just a little too distos pushed to the factory presets, but it is easily corrected by editing the sounds.

The sounds of the drum machine are sufficient to model, but it is quickly limited if one wants to further diversify.

Note that the device has a function "looper" good practice, it can also simulate a bass or an acoustic guitar from an electric guitar. For the bass sounds is quite impressive if however, do not try to play chords (!), However, for acoustic simulations, it is not really convincing.

There are also effects for the voice, the factory presets are pretty well done (harmonies, dubbing vocoder ...) it's a little more, not of exceptional quality, but it does its job and that to the deserves to be there.


I use this unit for about a month, used the Micro BR, I'm not homesick, and the interface saves time and ergonomics.

However there are some things to regret: we lose a lot of use "nomadic" because you need a computer to encode the file (only wav, and only with the supplied software), because the device does not itself.

For the beatbox ago arranger for editing rhythms by combining different reasons and it would require however a computer to edit the grounds themselves, using the supplied software.

The big downside for me is the touch screen of this unit by the time certain keys refuse to answer, and they no longer work until the extinction / reignition of the device is really hard sometimes, and similarly, the directional buttons located around the wheel are very sensitive, it is not uncommon to touch by turning the knob, which tends to change a setting other than that which was being edited.

At 400 €, I believe the toy a bit expensive, but it's still good stuff. I bought it more or less on a whim without really trying, so if you are potentially interested, I really recommend trying it before buying.

I do not know if I will ever this election, but it's something all-in-one that has no real competition, then ....

21rems's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good value for money ... what the BOSS!"

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
- 4 input XLR / jack
- 1 HI-Z input for guitar or bass
- 1 USB
- 1 Line in
- 2 RCA
- 2 microphones in front responding very well.

- SD Card or SDHC Card up to 32 GB, what to do if you want!

Simultaneous 4-track recorder
Player 8-track simultaneous

I deplore the RCA outputs, too bad there have not XLR ...
And I'm surprised these inputs and XLR jack, why not keep the hybrid inputs (jack / XLR)!


For starters, if you want to have fun fast, you press the button Ez-rec, we choose a guitar or bass, style, and you press play and you play over it. In seconds you can already save a song and enrich it.

If you want to go further, it will take a few hours to understand the system of virtual tracks and especially choose effects for tracks and mastering. The tracks are of course effects (reverb, chorus, etc. ..) and an equalizer.

The manual is in English but is found in French at
It is simple and effective.

Editing sounds takes a little time, but not death, I have seen worse, especially once it is set to send it's heavy.


Effects guitar / bass / vocals EXCELLENT. RAS


BR 800 in my opinion is a great product at both the possibilities of sound.

I use it with my guitar and my mic. For a live recording of a group that is a fair bit because he did not have enough inputs (eg, piano or drums).

Either he will save the battery with 4 inputs, then change and save the piano and bass together, etc. Finally you see ... basically, the worries of the entries, but in my opinion it is not geared for that as the BR 600 which was only 2 entries.

Basically a happy guitarist!

bgacon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Finally I got it ....."

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Finally found on the web (thank you, but already out), Roland plays the card of scarcity. Discouraging still, it made since early May that I sought.
After one week I already managed to do pretty much what I wanted, there's one thing I missed: the transfer to the computer and then editing software (sonar? Cake? the pc does not find the songs stored on the BR800).
Drum patterns are good, the effects vocals / guitar (a 100aine total) are basically a mix of reverb / chorus / distortion, but are useful. The quality of two integrated microphones is good, in short I am very happy. It is very small, thin and light, very intuitive, not to stay beson 2h before the record (a book all in English).
on the other hand I do not understand is that there are 4 tracks (5 / 6 and 7 / 8) which for me are just 2. They explain that 2 tracks are reserved to the final mix (but I can do it alone as a great on hi-fi ..) and + there is a drum track free. Wholesale good quality as 'ping pong' is good 4 tracks can be transferred to one of these 2x2 tracks (stereo), AC offsets. Brief glad when I have cracked the mystery of the transfer to PC / sound editing / AC battery is great.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
PRICE: Approximately 399 Euros -

Simultaneous 4-track recording, 8-track Simultaneous playback over stereo rhythm track Dedicated playback
EZ Recording Interactively guides Through the recording process
Powerful guitar, bass, and vocal effects derived from BOSS's flagship processors
Sketch Song recording for quick capture stereo in WAV format
Built-in drum machine With advanced editor software
Functions as a USB audio interface and DAW control surface
Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE software with full audio loops and backing tracks included
Built-in stereo condenser microphone for recording time
Sleek new interface is based touch sensors
1GB SD included (supports up to 32GB SDHC card)
Runs or six AA batteries / USB bus power / AC adapter (included)