Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

FL0 01/02/2014

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder : FL0's user review

«  I'm fine but good »

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First, I have a report with leisure music which ultimately is more fitting with the purchase of this BR800 in fact.

Specifications are on site boss, but for my use this device is technically sufficient: I record at home alone with two input (XLR and jack guitar / bass etc..) Knowing that there xlr 3 more.

The preamp deserves more potato but nothing insurmountable.

It feeds itself via USB, handy.

A warning message tells us that ASIO is not supported by the hardware (when you open sonar), which is false to use, so zero latency.


I took it in the first place for his side stand alone, but it made me quickly inflated. Then my sound card (Audigy 2 ZS) to render the soul ... I opened the box says to see what I could learn rather than reinvest.

Today I used external sound card and I'm pretty happy in this config this machine is very easy to use, coupled with THE integrated sonar 8.5 box is at my level, rather qualitative . A tutorial or two on the internet for the sequencer and go.

So just average as stand alone I would put 2 (motivated people and / or smarter and patients probably use every day without any problems, my share of feignantise therefore gives 2 points) and 8 external sound card because everything works fine as well and easily.


The overall sound is better in all uses with my old sound card that she was not really a card dedicated to music. Now I have not tested other serious stuff: no element of comparison I would say that for me.


I actually use it for less than a year in fact and default to the base. But what is good about a classical sound card (from what I've seen on the internet for half the price) is that it is full of effects for all parties whatsoever vocals, guitars , bass, mix, batteries etc., all configurable. So we can all take with without too much cabbage.

This is an all in one, easy to use (except in stand alone), taking up little space, perfect for my NanoStudio in my apartment and relatively cheaply (because the effects parts dedicated to each invoice can quickly mount).

Now black spot that won me the purchase of additional software, the box incredibly boring to program for a really average score rhythm.

I probably would do this choice because today it rolls a lot. To hear the concrete, go to the collective component section 31 season, the song I did with Gratt'oche was entirely via this config since he even has a (more so superior drummer 2.0 which literally smashes the BAR moldy of origin).

I put 9 because the final results I get have never been so good today and I'm a very heavy handicap!