Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder
Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

BR-800 Digital Recorder, Digital Multrack-studio from Boss in the BR series.

21rems 07/30/2010

Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder : 21rems's user review

«  Very good value for money ... what the BOSS! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- 4 input XLR / jack
- 1 HI-Z input for guitar or bass
- 1 USB
- 1 Line in
- 2 RCA
- 2 microphones in front responding very well.

- SD Card or SDHC Card up to 32 GB, what to do if you want!

Simultaneous 4-track recorder
Player 8-track simultaneous

I deplore the RCA outputs, too bad there have not XLR ...
And I'm surprised these inputs and XLR jack, why not keep the hybrid inputs (jack / XLR)!


For starters, if you want to have fun fast, you press the button Ez-rec, we choose a guitar or bass, style, and you press play and you play over it. In seconds you can already save a song and enrich it.

If you want to go further, it will take a few hours to understand the system of virtual tracks and especially choose effects for tracks and mastering. The tracks are of course effects (reverb, chorus, etc. ..) and an equalizer.

The manual is in English but is found in French at
It is simple and effective.

Editing sounds takes a little time, but not death, I have seen worse, especially once it is set to send it's heavy.


Effects guitar / bass / vocals EXCELLENT. RAS


BR 800 in my opinion is a great product at both the possibilities of sound.

I use it with my guitar and my mic. For a live recording of a group that is a fair bit because he did not have enough inputs (eg, piano or drums).

Either he will save the battery with 4 inputs, then change and save the piano and bass together, etc. Finally you see ... basically, the worries of the entries, but in my opinion it is not geared for that as the BR 600 which was only 2 entries.

Basically a happy guitarist!

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