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sporniket 03/17/2005

Fostex MR-8 : sporniket's user review


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See below, but to summarize:
XLR, Guitar, Line (mono), XLR Line (stereo), MIDI OUT, USB
Sampling CD quality (16bit, 44.1kHz) or radio (16 bit 22.05kHz), stored on compact flash without compression (up to 2GB with the latest BIOS, dating from last July)
Track 8 (4 mono, 2 stereo)
AC power supplied !!!!!, is not stingy.
Support Compact Flash 128MB supplied or 3 minutes max for a piece using the 8-track
some effects for guitar and microphone
internal microphone
optical output


Super easy to use, but the manual is in English (I-inne spique gliche so it goes)


The converters seem good, the effects are average, but somehow I do not need. And that's not why I took it.
The EQ for mixing, however, are very effective, it gives me a potato acoustic electric guitar.


I for a month. I took it to small pieces (classical and composite characters).

The important criterion: the sound is stored without compression, thus without loss of quality.

Plus: implements the standard usb-mass-storage, so you can get all the sound files under Linux (see tip)

For the budget that I wanted to set and quality (no compression), tails-coat what I want, so if it again, I would.