MGR/Crazy sounds 12/28/2003

Fostex MR-8 : MGR/Crazy sounds 's user review

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cash, Ebay, Personal recording< looked user friendly and was cheap enough, $250

I like all of the features as far as usb port and the s/pdif optical out,. The effects arent the best
but you can use them just to play around with new stuff and give ideas for new material.
small compact and hey ya cant beat the price

not enough recording time not enough tracks but for the money what do you expect.

construction seems kindof weak hasnt broke yet but we will see havent had that long so who knows.
other than that every thing is fine.

Bottom line if your just looking for somthing to record ideas on and play with to actually
recording your band (with the help of a mixing board for multiple inputs) its not bad for
the money. would like to try the boss br864

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