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Megajp 07/04/2005

Korg D-1600 : Megajp's user review


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Pass quickly over (4XLR phantom - 8 jacks - output jacks mono)
that is the standard, that is good even if at first was a bit plastoc!
The Hard Disk is standard (I have an IBM 80Giga), the drawers is a bit spartan,
but again, zero problems with my HD
8 tracks and 16 tracks Reccords mix ....
Personal I always keep the last two to keep track of the mix on the bike!

I put 8 because I AIM ADAT output in place of SCSI


It is the highlight of this apareil: THANK touch screen
in 15 days everything has a pig unit and 75% is acquired during the first Journe.
The manual is clear, the connection is standard, no galley routing as in ROL *** D
no multifunction button as in Y *** HA. Given the faders and meters are prcis ... no surprises after the recording. It is perfect


The converters are "sufficient" and "Musical", I have not done laboratory measurement
but the record is as expected: COLD and accurate. so accurate it's scary:
We realize that with a preamp and microphone high above suspicion (Neuman TLAAUDIO +)
the catch of his capture the mood of the room, a creaking door, pedal bass drum that whines ...
It very quickly perceives that to advance the sound should be s' equipping like a real studio
So: that's enough.
Live recording of the XLR's convenient and the result is clean.

Effects: may be the weak point. They are so numerous and too versatile (but is it a default).
I must turn reverb on 2 or 3 (always the same) one or two micro simulator (bass drum and vocals) and 2 amp simulator (Marshall and Fender). The rest I don 't use it for messing around.
Section mastering is a bit daubesque still ... I prefer the PC!

The dynamic is nickel. In the beginners I could not mix battery has ... I thought it came from KORG ... but I had the chance to make a recording with VS1880 or TASCAM FW1884: Same!
It has invested in the battery, the microphone preamp and it gets better!


I use it for four years, I made a hundred model / live recording.

I love the touch screen, function punch (for zicos stresss), and 16 faders to the mix.

I do not like: plastic, digital transfer via the computer, the sound of the fan,
naming conventions of the song is tedious (a wheel)

I vennais from analog (FOSTEX R8) the Korg made me turn the corner

Qualitprix Report: was good when I bought it (1350 FF)
but when I see that it can be tracked down to a 800 Okaz is excellent ca
(I think even buy a second for the SLAVE to a battery and record 16 tracks)

I (well, since the group that is a joint purchase) do not regret this purchase,
that is a good trs tool for a group (models / disk / live)

I keep the best for last: PLANTING ZERO FOUR YEARS! any PC can be said?