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Doc-Vazzo 02/24/2004

Korg D16XD : Doc-Vazzo's user review


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16-track recorder numrique 40 channels 12 bus
recording without compression on 40GB internal hard drive
64-bit internal processing 24/16 bit recording and playback and recording without compression
in 96/48, 44.1 khz
many tracks recording / playback

48 khz / 16 bit 44.1 simultanment 16 tracks (with optional installs aib8)
48 / 44.1 kHz 24-bit 8 / 16 tracks simultaneously
24-bit 96 kHz 4 / 8 tracks simultaneously
each track possdent eight virtual tracks for a total of 128 + 16 tracks in pieces.
8 XLR inputs with phantom power supply 48 volts from 6.35 + 8 + 1 between high impdance guitar
Optional 8 input jack suplmentaire 6.35 ref AIB-8 (about 300 euros for this option)
Between 1 and S / PDIF Output Monitor left + right, left + right master output
Front: 1 entrepdale expression or dclenchement, 2 headphone outputs with volume indpendant.
Other optional rear face: DIB-8 release from Adat.
LCD touch screen 320 by 240 pixels.
intgres rhythm box 250 that can be assembled with pattern table intgre tempo.
USB port for software update OS and Tlcharger wave file.


I have this machine reu 1 month ago and to be honest the user manual n'tait not provided in French. even so I felt comfortable rapidemment trs.

9 control buttons dnommes: chanel view, Mixer, because Cd, System, midi / sync, Tempo, Song, Track rapidemment help you understand the ergonomics of the machine without the user manual.
the D16XD possde 16 slices with inland: a fader a pan and topped with three function keys: select chanel, song / solo, Rec / play.


8 channels of 16 include an analog compressor (expandable with optional 16 ACB-8)

Mixer EQ EQ four-band EQ on each channel and eight Master bands.

(Compression library and legalization of about 50 100 scnes extensible with your own rglages)

Contents also in effect Korg is not left in us offering three Systm effects indpendant simultanment used for a total of 11 effects.
8 by insersion, 2 master effects (Stereo) and a final effect (Stereo)
There are a total of 52 algorithms, a total of 128 programs pRSET which you can add 128 user programs.
The effects are quite Varis and classs by CATEGORY prs can cover everything you need, the simulation of micro, rverb in various modulations, effects spciaux, specially mention for guitar effects.


I am allergic computer and I worked up the hardware Submitted on Roland. But what galre in ergonomics.
I was looking for a simplicity of use (such as 4 tracks of yesteryear k7) while aliant a quality recording to make music and not fall into the Mandres Technology dtriment of The Fast Fashion.
Well after 10 years I finally found the machine I expected.
Korg thank you.