MGR/A.J. 09/14/2005

Korg D32XD : MGR/A.J.'s user review

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I am a guitar player currently in an up and comming band. i've played for about 7 years. I am also going to school to become a recording engineer.

I puchased the beast at guitar center, i used money i had been saving for school, he he... but i was able to bounce back and do just fine. i think i paid $2800

Man, where to begin? Well first of all I'd have to say the 24bit recording! then the moving faders. of course then comes the anolog compressors, then all the effects that could fill a studio. Learning my way around this unit was a blast. there are also many upgrades and accesories such as an additional 8 inputs and 8 anolog compressors to make a tolal of 16 simulltaneous recordable tracks. the touch screen is nice.

Well there isnt much to say here, other than i wish that transfering files to a computer would be a little faster. But in all actuallity, you really dont need to, all the mastering tools and effects as well as mixing can be done right there in the machine itself.

verry dependable, seems to be solid. i would give it a 10.

This is a dream machine, recordings sound so good through this machine. if there was one single thing to buy to turn a normal bedroom of garage into a full blown studio it would be the D32XD reacording studio. i could imagine that all the stuff that would have cram packed a studio 10 years ago is all here.

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