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cess01 04/30/2013

Korg D888 : cess01's user review

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Value For Money : Excellent
8 track analog + spdif midi out and usb ...
Internal hard drive for recording live.
That's good .... for recording live or in the studio!


Supports simple and intuitive hand manual I can admit a messy!
The function is very accessible and clear (color code).
Simple recording 8 track silmultané (vocals / guitar / sax / bar / synthé...etc)
Ability to export records (in separate track or master) live in the daw (logic / cubase / protools...etc)

Full well the same function + + +


Yes the good stuff! especially for recording a live band such as separate track and worked again later this track on computer very simply! and efficiently!

The effect is not great but hey it's Still a good take.

Good momentum in general.


I use it for 3 years I did not try hard to model before! but with the shape of mixing studio I've never found better and especially simple to handle.

The 8-track recording easy import / export in the computer / machine.
The sound quality when recording live.
The ease of connection and portability of this studio.

The value for money is good especially now occas it is really cheap!

Yes I remake the same choice as I have many recording thanks to him ;)