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aston-morton 06/06/2006

Korg D888 : aston-morton's user review


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No better than the advice above ...


I've had three weeks, and actually getting started is very fast: we will dive into the record for very specific things.
Note: at the time of my purchase, the manual in French was not yet available from Korg.


Not registering levels of background noise, but live music, the results are very faithful to its original color. Is this transparency?
Anyway, beyond the performance displayed, judged on the result, which is very good. However, the recording technique (choice of microphones, positioning, adjustment of earnings, balance, etc ...) is more important than the technology (which is more than enough).


It is a machine very relevant, almost all terrain. Long-awaited arrival on the market of a system of this type.
Record all the rehearsals and performances of his group of 8 simultaneous tracks, it's a very good thing.
It's very complementary to a home studio and ProTools or other much more flexible use.
the quality / price is reasonable.