K-k 04/23/2014

Tascam DP-24 : K-k's user review

«  Excellent this DP24 »

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The configuration is described in other reviews!


great tool for someone like me, ie starting with this kind of bike but I easily found my bearings because the DP24 is very well organized and everything is clear (to me)
the screen is for sure one of the highlights small but incredibly sharp!

The manual is fairly detailed for basic functions but undoubtedly the DP24 is more than what is reported in the manual!


sound and recording level, I like everything is sharp and clear and the effects for someone like me who do not like abusing additions this and that and grind sound through here and there, are really great and I sort my music to the final with a sound much better than I hoped pouvai!


I samba music raiz therefore quite clean and natural sonoritées and DP24 gives me satisfaction for just over 600 euros is really great!

For sure I do it again the same choice and sometimes twice a day!

You are a novice like me, then do not hesitate this bike holds, and what made this ad with a copy of its quality (if the sound upstream is worthy of the name) excellent after my ears and I always trust my esgourdes!

And I have not been around all possibilities but 30mn watch in hand I managed to get a record 3 songs while this was my first experience in the genre, this is not nothing!

9/10 because there is always the size above 9 but it is not stolen!

For the price and range of this equipment is really a bargain!