bennyevolve 04/26/2014

Tascam DP-24 : bennyevolve's user review

«  A good compromise »

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See manufacturer's data sheet


Simple and intuitive to use, I chose the DP-24 because previously I worked on a 2488 ...
Easy and well thought out .... for musicians like me who love ... not ordis.
I used to make demos to save scores and keyboards wave and midi format (on CD) and then to mix in studio. (No need to register and stress in the studio). I Do it with me to cool. just going out with the mix cd.

The manual is pretty clear and in several languages.


The quality is quite good for its price / quality.
For demos is ideal. Repeats in my group was recorded on 8 tracks simultaneously ....


I use since January 2488 2014.Satisfait former, my choice was pretty fast.
I even had a look about on zoom, korg, roland etc ... without enthusiasme.
As I said before, the quality / price is quite correct.