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Digital Multrack-studios user reviews

  • Tascam DP-24

    Tascam DP-24 - "Portable studio"


    The TASCAM DP 24 is a digital studio with 24 tracks. It may seem like a larger unit, but it really is pretty small and compact which is the reason that I purchase it. Being that it was a 24 track studio that was portable was something that I thought …

  • Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio - "Loaded with effects for vocals and guitars"


    The Boss BR-1600CD is a well made digital multitrack recorder with an efficient interface and well places sliders and buttons. This recorded has plenty of effects on it that you can use with anything mainly vocals and guitars though. Using this reco…

  • Tascam DP-008

    Tascam DP-008 - "Affordable, Durable, Portable"


    The Tascam DP-008 is affordable and portable. It is small and lightweight; take it with you anywhere to record. It records and allows you to get your files into your computer via USB. It does have a built in microphone preamps. These preamps are not …

  • Tascam CD-VT2

    Tascam CD-VT2 - "Spend a little more to upgrade if you can"


    The Tascam CD-VT2 is a CD and MP3 vocal trainer that has an anti shock memory of up to 10 seconds. It has an LCD screen that will display the song title or album titles. There are not many inputs and outputs on the VT2 you will get a 1/8 stereo outp…

  • Zoom R24

    Zoom R24 - "Portable and lots of effects"


    The Zoom R24 is a digital multi-track recorder costing fewer than 500 dollars. The thing that stands out the most to me about it is that it comes stocked with over 100 different effects right out of the box. That is almost unheard of for a multi-trac…

  • Tascam DP-32

    Tascam DP-32 - "vs DAW's"


    The DP-32 is a portable studio that is ready to go with you wherever you need it to be. You don’t even have to have a computer to make a complete song. When I say complete I mean all way down to burning it to a CD. The Tascam DP-32 has a built in dis…

  • Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio - "VERY GOOD PRODUCT"


    Its recorder / burner function is very practical. I use CD-RWs and if I'm not satisfied I redo the mix and it's practical. The guitar effects are interesting (interesting COSM functions). Some good basic effect as well.. The mic effects are ver…

  • Tascam DP-03

    Tascam DP-03 - "Old school feel"


    If you are not big on the whole recording to computer process than the Tascam DP03 will be perfect for you. It is not like the old 8 track recorders. It is very up to date and has a creative and more fluent workflow. Its pretty simple getting your so…

  • Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio - "A great all-in-one recording console for those who can't have a DAW"


    The BR1600-CD is the BOSS flagship multi-track digital console recorder. The "CD" designation on the end of the part number indicates that there is a CD burner on-board the console so that when you're done mixing and mastering the songs, you can burn…

  • Zoom HD16

    Zoom HD16 - "Zoom HD16 does the job and then some"


    The Zoom HD-16 has tons of great features making this an extremely powerful tool for any musician looking to record. It has Drum and Bass machine built in, digital mixer, CD-R/RW drive, built in effects. You can lay down 16 audio tracks, 8 simultaneo…