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Digital Multrack-studios user reviews

  • Yamaha AW16G

    Yamaha AW16G - "A safe bet!"


    16-track digital mini studio that works at 16 bits/44kHz. It records simultaneously 8 tracks and also has a stereo track to record a master. It uses an internal hard drive to store what your record. The CD player/burner allows you to import (as long …

  • Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-1180CD"


    I'm singer/songwriter and I use this unit to work out arrangements and ideas which I then burn .wave files to take to a pro studio. I then overdub to the recorded tracks. Purchased it at a Guitar Center about 6 yrs ago for about $1K. I wanted a reco…

  • Iz Corp RADAR V

    Iz Corp RADAR V - "Excellent sound, but lacking in features."


    I purchased the RADAR V upgrade from a RADAR II parts machine. It has the equivalent of the IZ Corp. Classic Converters, which sample up to 24 bit/ 48 kHz. I also purchased the additional SMPTE/MTC synchronizer card allowing for synchronization to …

  • Tascam 788

    Tascam 788 - "If you can get it for cheap, it's a great machine"


    The 788 can record on up to six tracks simultaneously to eight tracks (or to an immense number of virtual tracks) at 24 bit, 44.1 kHz. It supports both MTC in and out, which is a feature not found on later Tascam eight multitrack recorders. On the …

  • Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder - "An excellent portable station!"


    Originally written by CyrNoodles on Audiofanzine FR. Good feature set. I just miss the lack of XLR connections: you'll have to connect your mic via a 1/4" jack. UTILIZATION It's very easy to use: select one or two tracks, press REC and go! The…

  • Tascam CD-GT1 MKII

    Tascam CD-GT1 MKII - "Awesome guitar training device!"


    This is a "guitar trainer"... it's basically a CD player that can slow down your CD's to play at lower speeds, thus making it easier to learn different guitar parts. It's got a lot of cool features. You can slow or speed the tempo of the track you ar…

  • Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder - "Boss BR-600"


    This compact 8-track digital recorder (about 10x7x1) comes in a gray finish. I bought it about three years ago. It was my first taste of home recording, so I was looking for something comprehensive but still user friendly. The unit includes a drum m…

  • Yamaha AW16G

    Yamaha AW16G - zicopilote's review


    Frequency response: 0 +1/–3 dB, 20 Hz–20 kHz (MIC/LINE IN – STEREO OUT) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) (nominal input/output level) 20 kHz LPF: Less than 0.03% 1 kHz (LINE IN to STEREO OUT), Less than 0.2% 1 kHz (MIC IN to STEREO OUT) Dynamic rang…

  • Yamaha AW4416

    Yamaha AW4416 - moosers's review


    The Yamaha AW4416 is a digital portable multi-track studio that has eight mic pre amps and the capability to record eight tracks at once, and 16 in total. The sampling rate is standard 44,100 and 16 bit audio, and it is recorded onto an internal hard…

  • Tascam Portastudio 2488

    Tascam Portastudio 2488 - moosers's review


    The Tascam Portastudio 2488 is a digital multi-track portable recording unit. It has 24 tracks, with four mic preamps and four 1/4 inch inputs. It has hard disc that you record to and also has a CD burner. While it has 24 tracks, the last couple of t…