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All user reviews for the Yamaha AW16G

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 23 reviews )
 16 reviews70 %
 5 reviews22 %
 1 user review4 %
Value For Money : Excellent
Matt Trakker05/01/2007

Matt Trakker's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
Well, it will be more than a year I have the beast, it's time to put an opinion ...

For features, you can go to the Yamaha site, and join me, download the manual so you know everything!

Attention to future purchasers: do not get ripped like me, he did not 16 tracks, but only 12. it also applies to most multi announced with 16 tracks. The last four tracks are as a pair to be in stereo, so that you have 8 mono tracks and four stereo tracks.

Otherwise apart from that it's a very good machine, it can be quite a trick.
I also regret that it is not USB.


The use is not so complicated, even as Newby's third basement of the mix, I got out pretty quickly.

I do not understand why people are attacking the manuals in yam, it was true some years ago but now it is very clear, and above it translated into good French. (Not like in some brands or you feel that the translation was made by a Pakistani from Finland ....)

The menus are fairly well laid out, once you get used to it and do what you want very quickly.


I am not a sound engineer, but I think the converters are fairly neutral for a entry level machine is not bad at all. If only one good use jacks and you correctly set the input gain, you can have good results.

I find the effects as well but I have not tried others, my opinion is not interesting. Against by the fact that we can put in two for the entire song seems to me to be very poor ...


Frankly for the first multitrack, I am very happy, except for the scope of the 12 tracks is very low .... even for me who am only in electronic music.

The screen is very readable and although it is small, it is not general. Yam has been able to arrange the windows so that it remains clear and legible.

it is beautiful, it is not too expensive, the sound is good, the connection is reasonable for an electro musician (for a rock band there is not enough for XLR microphones, and input for guitar carefully before buying.) is to use the manual are screwed.

I repeated, but 12 tracks is not enough, in fact I'll sell it to move to the model above, the AW2400 and its 24 tracks.
missing a peak indicator on the inputs, it lacks a USB port and a second MIDI output would be practical. Should be more effects per track, four instead of two it would be ideal. (Of course we can address this problem by causing the bounces, but I prefer to avoid.)

So to summarize, if you think that 12 tracks enough, and you do not have much to plug in microphones, you can buy the AW16G, which also saw its price OCCAZ reduced since the introduction of the AW1600 . Apart from these two faults is a great product and with knowledge of mixing can be achieved at a very decent result!

edjou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
8 tracks simultaneously, interesting to record a separate battery and other instruments later.


Manuel complicated.
A gas plant in such a small volume, it is not normal that simple.
It's like everything, you have to practice, take notes, to the post.


Equalizer very effectively, good reverb for snare drum, guitars prefer their personal effects.


I bought 2 years ago to achieve the group's demos of my son.
I drooled before the master for the first time I used this device and I was recording a full band with drums. The result was above my expectations.
I just regret and that is why the note, the abscence of USB as how to transfer data on my computer now that I collect or use CUBASE PROTOOLS. The manual does not say. If anyone knows?
You can report the sound of the demo sites:
[/ Url]

gueno13's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
I did not add much over what adj t said, except that this multi-laqualit prsence is an effect of dynamic track (or compressor Hesse etc ...) which is really convenient and efficient trs. BMOL one, there is no USB connection. Too bad. I put 8 for a. ..


It is true that beginners not empty. But as with any machine is a little complex with lots of features, it takes time to adjust. That said I had a Roland VS 880 EX and Yamaha seems to me really easier to use.


So the nothing wrong. I use it to couraging models "live" track by track or with groups rather orientsmtal and rendering Exceeds expectancy at my craziest. If the sound is not good is not the fault of the machine. Either the sound is lousy or the musciciens particulirement are bad. As for effects, like the majority of multi you should use a good multi effect for instruments. For or against the AW 16G dmarque it is by mastering effects and dynamics that are truly effective and make a workstation Entire hand. I put 10 just for a.


I use it since 2001. In all I had until 3 Submitted numriques multitrack, korg a D 8, a Roland VS 880 EX and the jewelry (the AW 16G). There is no hsitations suprieur other shows (which I sold for), more versatile (and taken live home studio), mastering the ability to work. Considering the price the opportunity now (I bought mine used in 1100 2001/2002) must be crazy to go without.

ivory's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
All told adj g t believe ...
But just in case obr /> 16pistes-Recorder (8 maximum simultaneous recording)
- "Mini" sampler Intgr VERY practice
-2 XLR (microphone statik) powered fantme
-1 Between specially high impdance (guitar lectrik)
Writer-CDR / RW (MANDATORY) to burn your musik, make backups, import & export WAV
-EQ totally paramtrique (HIGH, HIGH MID, LOW MID, LOW) for Chak track
Dynamik-processing (compressor, etc.). Chake to track
Multi-purpose Intgr


It has been said and t rptla grip is not empty at all (PROFESSIONAL audio workstation ...) for the same ki has a habit of multitrack hardware!
4 beginners in my tracks K7 (TASCAM porta02), then used the TASCAM 464 g to finally go to the BOSS BR8 numrik (as the name indika, 8pistes ...) but g Mylen all had a little trouble before tame bte ...
APRS lot of sleepless nights, have finally begun g RFLEX AW16G!
Ke so far, g navigate the menus, submenus, the speed of ... Lumire (well Preska ...)!!
Frankly, this machine is very intuitive!
C a real rgal manipulate the buttons, keys and other potentiomtres ki rpondent in kart ride!
The faders are enjoyable to touch and prcis trs.
The sampler is both very easy to use and full trs (edition graphik waveform, loop points prcis, etc.)..
Ldition track has all the manipulations ncessaires: copy, paste, dplacer, delete, name ...


The converters are trs good, if it does not sound good, c is certainly not the fault of the AW16G!
The effects can be used if one knows how to use!
The DynaMike is beautiful and well l! (surprising as it can boost a bass drum for example, correcting a little excessive variations taken voice ...)
The legalization paramtrike allows insrer Chake instrument in the mix and it just k'on know, your exact is bluffing!


What more if ke YAMAHA couraging with this machine rve the many home-studio owners looking for an all-in-one Reduces budget and without compromise?
None of the lment AW16G (recorder, multi purpose, sampler, mixer, recorder) does act as a "gadget" and couraging with precision and efficiency of its responsibility che ki!
With the AW16G, talent, expertise and knowledge INGENEERING LOT, you can get about the results amazing!
G is used for a year now and Chaka ke g once a song starts, I g rjouis advance the human adventure, musical ke g AW16G will live thanks to (do not worry, do not work g YAMAHA not c ... is not the pub!)
Trs G'm really glad I made the right choice (g rflchi long, between hsit DIFFERENT MODELS Audiofanzine and thanks, a lot of documentation and the "green light" of professionals in the field, g I finally east to the AW16G ...).
With exprience, ke g g sincrement think would do this choice because in Contents Musik, face so many products, g koi asked myself I needed in the light of my (small) budget and AW16G is what I needed ...

Vlad-Drac's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
See manufacturer's website

trs robust.


Overall I would say that how to use gnral is quite special. It is not forcment intuitive. One must read the manual before starting. We realize that the use trs well thought out.
Just a small note on the manual. It fairly complete, but could be the advantage in some respects quite dlicats.


Cot's nothing wrong. converters have good air quality. effects are effective (except the amp simulations ...) and the global dynamics is very well respected.
we might be able to record s'inquiter cot, knowing that this machine registers at 16 bits, however, we realize that the quality is and that is definitely not a handicap.
(It is better in very good 16-bit, 24 bit ... a mdiocre)


The big advantage of this machine is its implmentation complte twelve o'clock, which can be used as a control surface for any other VST squenceur.
We are therefore in a multitrack prsence numrique a trs good quality controller in addition to a system that computer. Therefore it is intended both for people wanting a multitrack recording as the main Systm (without PC), as personnnes wanting a control surface and a compact to save lives.

trs a good choice for a small price!

manutakeoff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
Connectors Analog: 2XLR (phantom power supply), 6 line jack (one HZ)
Sampling: 44100 khz CD quality
CD R and RW
Functions mastering: EQ, dynamic por each track.
Recording 8 tracks live.
Ability to mix up to 16 tracks in the studio overdubbing.

No connection via a PC ... damage.


It takes a few hours to understand the key operating procedures. To discover the hidden face of the beast, it takes a lot to document.
The common functions are easily accessible. I had some anxiety at first, but everything goes very fast once you understand the spirit of the machine.
The manual is far from enough. It will take an external doc: internet, friends, literature mastering ... Indeed, each sound recording is different. It saves not metal like blues, or pop. And unfortunately no tip on the sound of an instrument is given. The manual explains the role of dynamic, equalizers etc ... but not how to truly apply it to each instrument. However the models (or libraries) are pre recorded and applied to each instu.
Go see these sites for more doc: and


The sound is very good. To produce a model that is just right. To distribute to Potex, bars or a prod '. If the sound is bad ca just not the sound of the machine. Review its microphones and musicians.


I use it for a week, and yes it is new. But it's my favorite toy. The ability to independently mastered each track (eq + dyn) is a big Attout of the machine and provides a more than acceptable for a model. And a 16-track is already formidable. VALUE FOR MONEY COPY.
You can go to the website of my group where a small demo recorded entirely using the AW16G is available. Matos used: micro Battery Park HQ, guitar amp line input Line 6, Kustom bass amp line input, microphone Sennheiser E825 vocal, no mic pre amp or capacitor.
For more information on registration contact me Do not be too demanding when the quality of the mix, it does not a week that I have the beast. But it is well representative of its possibilities.

weishard's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
Recorded, mixed, mastering and CD burning while digital of course.
20G hard disk, CD archiving option to relieve SD.
8-track recording and 16 in reading.
For each track: parametric EQ, Compression,
2 effects simultaneous users only, it is a fair bit, but in fact if they are not selected for a particular channel, they can be assigned to all tracks.


The record "forgets" to tell in great detail ... which does not facilitate the task.
But if the use is actually pretty simple when we understand the spirit of the beast.

Some functions such as copying a song for example, can be time consuming or even a few hours ... not a crash, just wait.


The sonoritées are excellent both in dynamic for clarity, without any hardness.
The sound is transparent and reflects the microphones, etc. ...
All effects are good but the saturation of electric guitars.


I use it for about a year, I am very satisfied.
If the sound is not good, or the confused mix, it's my fault not that of the beast.
Lorqui we control the aircraft, it even manages to make it sound not so good decision.

I started on a Yamaha 4-track cassette, then after a Boss BR532 Digital, in other words with the AW16G we go hack to the real possibility of a model that sounds fucking death.

My work station n 'NEVER planted, and provides excellent support for trips taken live.

cyber_tech's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
Technically say anything except that there is no real possibility to interconnect with the world of Micro Computer (except South), which is a shame especially now.


It is true that there are tons of parameter.
I think the key is relatively quick handle.
Once one has really come into the heart of the matter (with mixing scene, EQ, FX etc ...) has thickens.
Regarding the manual, I think we pretty much agree on the fact that it really is not to become a prvu bte on the product. But I think it applies to all technologically complex. But I think it's a bible pages of miles it would have had that Yamaha edited if they had wanted to know everything about the "thing". Be expected can be a special editor as Edyrol focuses on the subject for a doc really concrete.
If not a little thing, I find some docs all in English and I made a synthse Franaise with doc and I did answer some of my questions.
And yes, it's strange, but by language, some are more pertinant documentation.


His level, I really t surprised.
At the moment I am not used to the studio just to prepare my lives.
I record my sound coming from my PC to the AW16 and frankly I really nail the sound.
Whether it's pure sound or dynamics say anything.
Ok, so I do not make chamber music, I am more oriented Electro Body Music and Industrial so I sound pretty grimey. As against this kind of music you need a good momentum and was fine with me.


I have this studio for 2 months. I will gradually tame bte, which allows me to learn every day.
I still learn a lot, but what I did and use qualitprix report is excellent and if I had the choice again, well I will not hesitate.
Audiofanzine thank you, thanks for this site is that I base my purchases and I have yet t deu.

juice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
Specifies See manufacturer


Use gnrale is quite simple, it's my first studio and did not pos of Pb
As against it on points that has dtails thickens a bit, especially since the user manual in zap a lot!


The equalizer and the compressor are applicable and fucking all the tracks, which is not true of all the competitors.
It works by "CD quality" (16-bit, 44.1 KHz) for recording, providing a pretty good sound DEFINITIONS.
The effects are but too varis EXAGRES in rglage factory, we can of course just paramtrer A Z.


I use it for ending for 6 months now and am generally satisfied. C'tait, when I bought what was best in the Contents (qualitprix report).
I bought this one to have APRS Pluch normment Fran and international test which confirmed that the best choice to c'tait (1200 with burner in store near my home sells e) it's down now (six months in this area, C standard)

By default against standard: He plants like a common PC!, And it's not casual, because C almost every time. Problem, the VAS, mini takes three months to see what it is!
Moreover, I wonder if this happens to others.

rogdal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Yamaha AW16G
Connectivity numrique


I think it makes it faster than we can esprait to departure.
It is a matter of adaptation.
The usual functions seem fairly accessible
The manual a bit short and certainly not fun, but with a little concentration is found.
Luckily the site: Nice


I'm not a pro.
But the first rsultats obtained are encouraging for me trs.
I do not spend too much time unfortunately.
The effects and filters are effective. I could not even use the effects for guitar.
if anyone can tell me a word ... thank you
The dynamics are respected. I have some problems at the moment of final mix at the
The short sound is simply fantastic and, for me, the main strength of this unit.


How long have you use it? About 1 month (episode)
- What is the particular feature you like best and least? + the sound on - the CD
cost me the head with ATAPI ERROR, I had to move up a gear X4
- Have you tried many other models before acqurir? No I inquired.
All pros have told me it's no contest pbe appropriate.
- How do you report qualitprix? Excellent
- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ... Yes!