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moosers moosers
Publié le 03/30/09 à 21:52
The Yamaha AW4416 is a digital portable multi-track studio that has eight mic pre amps and the capability to record eight tracks at once, and 16 in total. The sampling rate is standard 44,100 and 16 bit audio, and it is recorded onto an internal hard drive. It has an LED screen that is digital and can control a wealth of options for recording.


The configuration of the Yamaha AW4416 definitely takes getting used to because there are simply so many buttons and options that come along with this recorder. Everything is pretty easily accessible in terms of your basic functions, but it can sometimes be confusing to figure out how to do things when you get under the surface a little more. This being said, I never had too many issues with the Yamaha AW4416 because I never used it for anything too complex. The manual for this is very thorough and is extremely helpful when learning this machine.


The sound quality of the Yamaha AW4416 is about average in terms of the preamps. They aren't bad sounding and are usable, but aren't top notch by any stretch. Beyond this, the effects in this machine sound very good and it is overall a powerful unit with a lot of different effects and signal processing.


I've first used the Yamaha AW4416 multi-track recorder about five years ago and for the time I used it, it worked very well for what I wanted to do with it. This day and age I wouldn't recommend trying to edit audio on this machine, but there are a lot of capabilities that come with the fact that this is fairly easy to bring around. If you are looking to get into recording, I would recommend getting a computer based system, as that is definitely the future of digital audio. This being said, the Yamaha AW4416 is convenient to bring around and will definitely do what it does as advertised.
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