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Nico_B 05/06/2002

Yamaha AW4416 : Nico_B's user review


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As my prdcesseurs (see below) are quite widely Describes the CHARACTERISTICS, I do not m'tendrai both the capabilities of the machine.

I bought this box of race OCCAZ for an excellent price and a silent dja quip Map ADAT I / O (which I use at all for the time of Also, I sell it ... for the fans ...)

Not much to add except that this type of workstation is very well together as skillfully pens and especially dynamically (thank you, thank faders motoriss) mixer, recorder, effects returns ... etc..
And everything has a touch of the key concerns for the landscape changes instantanment my eyes still borrowing some ... plnitude.

It particulirement apprciable as coming from a Roland 8-track, where nothing (if not the guts to 3 cm by 7 cm) did not move "alone" even when it was necessary to demonstrate lot of memory ... despite the techno of "scnes" Submitted then also on the Roland.

Note also the layout of the keys gnreux (rtro-transparent and clear: trs chic in black but also practical ...) that allow a direct ACCS core functions with display clear the screen (size trs comfortable).

The use of CDR or CDRW for back up and give is practical and Securing.

Note also the "small" Sampler ...
2 banks of eight assignable pads from the "region" of track or from WAV files or from your favorite CD.
8 These pads can, too, be programmed (Pressing Pad records and plays during playback)
This programming can also be called, changes, etc ...

Trs nice except that the total capacity of the RAM dedicates the sampler is not large enough (90 sec. ... About 16-bit) and that the allocation of "region" for CRER the samples is not flexible trs ACCS let alone edition pads (to shorten the sample before or APRS, not viewing the screen of the spectrum , everything is done by cutting the ear pieces Describes a unit so small that not everything Russia than with patience and a certain Entran).

Sympa also buttons for EQ and PAN rgler dynamics (which offers a bit more freedom than the "wheel" on my Roland Previous)


As said prcdemment, from the Universe Roland, the approach is Yame diffrent but, after all, more "logical" and intuitive.

Pass the excitement and head pain caused by the initial handling of the AW4416 (similarly the era felt for my Roland ...), a dip in the manual (well enough made my point of view) a good jet bases and trs was so little time to record my ncessaire Premire tracks and organize my first automix:

Beautiful, it must be said ...

almost everything is automated and paramtrable and is a joy of seeing his apprcier the faders, EQ, Pan, switched on / off only come to life as adults.

First of all bte BMOL the same: the ability to edition.
The dcoupage or marking may be prcis but at the price of a lot of effort and juggling in DIFFERENT notches.
You can not edit a track both Yame and logic is not the most open (notions of track, but part of region), the lack of features as From / To which compiles the notions of Start / End cls are voting the Copy / Insrer / Paste. You will be fine but otherwise ...

In résumé for Edition: you can do everything but I think we need to shoot not to forget ... especially as the Undo / Redo function is performed without confirmation or explanation of what does or dfait again ...
Note that I did that for 6 weeks, 6 weeks I think something else ...

The CD is not really fast ... but what we want is good sound, not forcment performance.
Except, sr if you want to do a little house on the album SERIES ...
For duplication, a PC would be better the case.

To use I would have put 9 / 10 but that of the BMOL deficits in this page I attribute a 7.


Always time for my Roland, I used a table Eurorack 2642A (Phantom power supply, good pre-amps, Eq 4 DAGE) to handle input signals before the multitrack.

Despite the presence embeds in the 4416 AW 2 XLR food for microphones, I kept the Schma Mixer -> multitrack EHJV a little more ... (The pre-amps of the AW as I got a little weaklings)
Otherwise, I spend all the rest (BAR, Gratt, Bass ,...) directly.

The effects are of good quality trs. My only regret is that not being able to modify existing effects and save them and not CRER "scratch" effect of new chains.
But hey, two effects processors, so the two insert effects on a small string is dj ...
Our answer to this remains the Y56K card effect littralement "difie" the views of what I've read on ...
Anyway, almost 900 Euros calculators out ... [...] Oh yeah ... [...] When same.

For now, j'engrange. Between the card or a pair of monitors, my heart and my wallet swing ...

I agree with my prdcesseur (see below) for a lightweight sound lacks warmth. But in some time, I think may be right a little bar by making better use of the resort.


I use this combined technology for 6 weeks and my fun is over (despite BMOL deficits above) and I immediately find a little more each time (this thanks also communities s users as or

What I like most about this machine is the logic gnrale (from my point of view, everything is square in the approach except for two or three tricks), and ergonomics .
What I like least for the moment is crystallized by BMOL + high deficits.

All dpart, I was working on a PC with Cakewalk and a Roland VS 840 GX 4416 and finally the AW!
Is the most indniable characters "dedicates" the station as opposed to the PC (which has no faders or knobs) is simple but I like a.
Then report to Roland is 8 tracks again, a good hard drive (goodbye Zip disks) and AUTOMATION !!!!! excluding the effects, the openings to the native storage (SCSI port: can be a Little bit old in 2000, a USB port would have done well too), to a PC (To Host port DIN) .. . reader / writer on board.

The report was really qualitprix sduit since I bought my OCCAZ station.
It was a year when I bought it but it is like new.
OS V2.0, CDRW + optional ADAT card I / O all for 1950 Euros.

It is clear, for that price, this resort is a machine that does everything gniale.
It does not do everything perfectly but the budget is when trs trs even stronger.

I am excited about this station and made even with all my friends who were able to see it work.
Whereas I do not like a pro and it hardware apprcie with my amateur eyes clear and for once: a trs trs does well.

Next Step the Y56K card effect or a pair of monitors. continued ...