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All user reviews for the Zoom R16

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 34 reviews )
 14 reviews41 %
 10 reviews29 %
 1 user review3 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Ben_eggmen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent quality / price ratio"

Zoom R16
Purchased to save repeated and models at home.

Used with a PC (Core 2, 2GB ram, sound card m-audio delta 44)

No problem with drivers for Windows XP and 7

Used with Cubase on the PC.

Used 8-track simultaneous recording.


Used repeated 3 tracks for drums (snare, bass drum and an overhead), a guitar track, bass track 1 and 3 voice tracks.

No worries, no stall 1:30 on continuously. The preamps do very boen for instruments, a little lighter on the vocals.

Mixing is possible on the R16, the effects are correct for the layout, but the work is tedious because of the sub-menus.

Used at home in divided doses (8 drum tracks, guitar tracks 2 (static + dynamic microphones), 2 bass tracks (DI + microphones), and 3 voice track, and mixing of cubs with waves plugin is perfect.
The votes being taken with a condenser microphone made a high sensitivity, the sound is very good.
The export file is in wav (you can put the SD card directly into the pc) and then with a good mix and good effects the result is very good.

For my usage value for money is unbeatable.

Namely that the r16 is also used in sound card to record directly to the PC.

lerevecbeau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom R16
It multitrack recorder that can serve as mixer while it is not its main feature. It takes one input Hi-Z (high impedance) to connect a guitar, a phantom power supply on the tracks 5 / 6 and two condenser microphones integrated.
It can also be used in DAW control surface.

The drivers are stable. No need for software to use as a multitrack. It can record 8 tracks simultaneously and play 16.

The implementation is difficult. The manual is not clear. Fortunately it's in French ... Condenser microphones are of poor quality. I buy the same in a music store in the room € 1.5 ... DAW function does not work with my software. It should be used with Cubase LE 5 I do not use.

I can use it for. Its functionality as a multitrack is correct despite its complexity. Condenser microphones are unusable.
Ben WDCK08/17/2011

Ben WDCK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"# 1 on the market"

Zoom R16
I wanted to buy a digital 8-track recorder, recording eight tracks simultaneous was what influenced my choice!

I play in several groups, and to make a demo we used 12 tracks: 5 drums, a rhythm guitar, a lead guitar, a bass singer two microphones (stereo), 2 microphones chorus (stereo), connected via XLR Mic, except for the lower branches with DI.
I bought it mainly as a digital recorder, the interface which is interesting to me, will be of little use.

As it is written I have used it with 8 simultaneous tracks.

I installed the drivers.
The configuration of the recorder is as easy as possible, although the manual is essential to make the necessary adjustments, you often have to press several buttons for settings, the screen is from another age, but generally it's pretty simple.
The manual, which was in English, I also found it in French, it is very complete, I also found the manual very complete when it comes to the audio interface.

I use it for one month already , but be aware that I ordered a 3 months ago, and it had some problem, it crashed and after several uses the card reader was out of order, luckily the retailer refunded me .
Before that I had a little 4-track Korg, an input ... nothing comparable.
What I like most is the ability to finally record 8 tracks live on a very compact model, the sound quality is decent, with dozens of effects, equalizer settings is also very interesting.
What I like least, that one can say is the certain fragility of it all, it's plastic, the connectors are quite delicate, we have to go slowly not to risk breaking it! And above all the settings for maximum simplicity registered, because I do not find them especially precise enough to measure the input signal coming from the instruments.
But overall, on price/quality ratio level, competitors are way out there!
I would repeat this choice without any problem!

windigo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Above all- a very good recorder!"

Zoom R16

The connection is exactly what is needed to record.
Mixed among eight XLR / 6.35 two with phantom power and one with a Switch for High and Low Bass guitar for example.
An entry for USB key or other USB output for PC changes with a DAW like Cubase LE supplied with 5, see the tips as to how to activate it, only on the sides, all others are on the back.
A stereo headphone output with volume (the latter preferred in the front ..), two outputs L and R Master 6.35 for direct to PA or table with volume.
Between a 5V power supply provided. An always convenient on/off interrupter switch.
Recording 16 and 24 bit 44.1 Khz. This digital recorder is equipped with a visual precompte, a metronome (screen a bit small in relation to other Zoom recorders, overdub for inclusion (overlay) to the other tracks .. a video sync, it is like OCD, not tested.
The number of tracks recorded simultaneously is 8 (not bad this price), Tested 7 tracks that day, I re-edited io, read 16.
We can double the number of simultaneous recording tracks if we get a has a second R16 or R24.

The general configuration is simple, we find everything of a Hardware recorder, everything is there physically and easy to access, much better than a Soft PC .
The manual is extraorinarily comprehensive, clear and specific, and even more. PDF files on a DVD provided should you lose the manual.
There are the usual functions which you can use without a manual if you are accustomed to them, for the  COMPLEMENTARY, easy, the guitar effects and others, number  effects more than 135 for voice, mastering, everything is clear in the manuals, twice that of just one..

The sonority is clear, the sounds found on the tracks are clear, moreover it is magic for this range of product it is an excellent multi-track recorder.
The effects are those of Zoom Multi pedals series G.U. and B (low) and are often a good temporary solution, in addition to Reverbs, Delay, vocal equalizer, etc..
1G SD card can be replaced by one of 32G and is more reliable and lighter than a hard drive, sound format. Wav files coming from it, is surprising.
The dynamics are well respected of course, for this product.
If you are picky, between the microphones and the R16, the addition of a preamp increases the quality when we only have one recording.
On the other hand, if we use for post production, the USB connection or directly pluging in SD card in Post directly into a software, everything is modified and
refines itself, a choice to make or choose the two ..

I admit I only used it for about a month, but I re-edit to because I do not use that recorder, I did not test the interface function since I didn't really need it or really the controller function. In my personal opinion, is already an all in one, convenient, aesthetic, and light.
with batteries, and / or USB with a laptop, two stereo microphones built to catch the sounds of flies.
It is a studio from A to Z for rehearsals, live, afterward one can refine and then free you finalize on a PC with an SD card reader or USB.
Before, the old Revox tape through a Tascam K7, a Zoom Mrs8 is good enough, and need more simultaneous tracks of recording and making less head, I found a reasonable price for this model which suits me perfectly.

In particular, the pluses:
Light, Design, simplicity, the effects, excellent Manual, 8 simultaneous tracks a this price, sound quality and the small bonus of Cubase LE 5.

Minues: not yet tested (Controller), use can seem fragile, only time will tell.

Edit: Tested the interface sounds, RAS, USB drivers well recognized, but attention must then go through at least one classic squenceur because the recorder mode is cut, it is impossible to have both modes simultaneously.

I will look but I am missing, for those who want, an interface and a Controller one or two MIDI tracks, there is its predecessor MRS8.

Requiring only an 8-track recorder I am delighted with the quality and moreover I amuse myself well with its effects and there are still lots more to discover. what APRS is a me said that was not updated on the manual that say?
Of course and without hesitation at this price, there is nothing better and if really, and this is not my case, you need some drum patterns and bass, I recommend the R24 is the same as the 16 with these two advantages and extras and 24 playback tracks. A very good recorder

Wills01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Zoom R16
I was looking for a good multichannel super reliable for continuous recording 8 channels over an hour (recording musical theater shows).
I did not want to invest in something too expensive, because for my use is not very frequent.
I use conventional microphones for recording in rooms and I get the data stored on the SD card to move music files to my sequencer, process and mix.

In the context of my employment, there is no need for drivers. You just need a USB communication for retrieving data. No problem on that side.
Is recorded without problems on 8 tracks in parallel and continuously. I just regret that we can not cut a track from time to time. Once started recording, you can not change (it is also a safety).
I insist on the fact that every time my recording went through without flinching! (More than one hour continuously). Sounds basic but it is not so common! And to have had records cut during the show, I can say here that that really irritates!

I did not manage to install the R16 sound card on my PC with Win 7 64 bit. Given my use and the fact that I have another sound card, so I do not care so much to be honest, but I must say it did not work. The manual is well done, but the the Web site support, is very average.

I've done four shows with it. No problem to store and retrieve the sounds. So, for this purpose, it is perfect (for the price!). For cons, I think if we start to want to put effects, panning ... the ergonomics of a tiny display, it is impossible to do or a very risky operation. Then I would not recommend this one. So if you just want a reliable multitrack recorder, light, cheap and easy to use: it is the best!

Note: I see that all those who have given advise used as a stand-alone recorder and I'm not exception. As a sound card or even effects processor ... bof!

zeulot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Amazing! Really amazing"

Zoom R16
I needed a multi-track recorder to make some demos.

I use it only to record / bass/ guitar / vocals / drums while the mono jack. I get the sound tracks on the SD card to mix them with Audacity. I have also recovered sources via the USB port via my USB. 

The test in version to group 4 simultaneous instruments is well passed. It is super simple and intuitive. It offers all possibilities of any digital recorder. I do not use the built-in effects. They come from pedals of brands and I find them terrible .. Too bad also that there is no editing of the tracks.

Installation is easy too. Unpacking / track section / time setting and date / cover of a track in the REC mode and go!
Caution: get the updated firmware. It's simple. file download and transfer onto the SD card. At the start, the ZOOM asked to do the Update.
One small problem though! If you retrieved a source wav file and want to do another take his place, it bugs. Indeed! After registration, the Zoom will not go out and plant. Forced to cut food sector. To remedy the problem simply do not assign to that track when the new intake sound.

The manual (in English) is relatively clear. But it is complete.

I've had a few hours and I got a mockup piece comprising: drums (two tracks) / bass / guitar (two channels) / vocals and choruses.

I have tried other similar products of the famous brand that starts with a B. A nice machine too, but at double the price! Issue and value for money for a multi-track recorder x 16 ... no comment!

I am happy to have chosen this! This product is really amazing! Try it! Hurry!
It's really good stuff!

Vervon''s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The perfect compromise"

Zoom R16
I think it's clear to everyone: a 8 / 16 tracks this award, calls. I am a keyboard player in a band and we had the idea to remake a demo (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard). So, 8-track simultaneous recording is perfect. Outside this, I make music alone DAW (audio & MIDI) and has been a while since I was looking for a surface to the controls. And finally, have an independent digital recorder (with integrated microphones) Is good practice for the dcortiquer cold rehearsals. So that's what I use the R16, and it is great, it's really does it all!
Incidentally, the internal effects also interest me but nothing more.
The pramps are respectable and did everything possible to catch very clean tracks. Well, let's be clear, it does not have the sharpness of a studio pro but frankly it's good.
Standalone mode is really a plus: we put the beast in the middle of the studio and presto, the microphones are integrated in their office. Be careful not to even put it too close to the drums because it is very fond of the detrimental to other instrumentals. Latest test date: making room in the studio with microphones integrated (near Drums) + bass by DI auxiliary + guitar microphone in front of the amp + with keyboard in direct+ live + vocal microphone, the whole mix and returned by the R16's sound system. It allowed me (under DAW after) to complete the ambiance with the tracks captured. Purists will find this very DIY, and they are right. But the result is not bad. 

As said my comrades in other reviews, it's a little "click-land." But hey, I got it. And the menus and submenus that worried me a little in the beginning but finally they are damn good. I got on very quickly.
Otherwise, no worries: The 8-track simultaneous recording (standalone or with a DAW), the control surface ... No worries. I pass in firmware 1.2 Without problem and 64bit drivers are impeccable on Seven (6 / 7 ms latency ad in the DAW). The chorus that appears when we superimpose the direct monitoring and return DAW and it is very light, it is a sign!

For installation, no problem.
Configuration: after a few hours to familiarize yourselves with the menus, no worries.
The manual is not bad. It is better to have the equipment on hand for testing. It's just a little light to function as a control surface. It helps to get the manual from the official site.
Incompatibility: I do not know if it did it in R16 but stuck with MIDI M-Audio UNO. One or the other alone, was fine, but both ... So when I record MIDI, I passed from the surface to the controls. That was to this day my only problem.
EDIT: everything works now. That was not the R16: it just needed to install the UNO manufacturer driver and do not use the generic driver in windows. 

I have the R16 since June 2010. This is my first portable recording digital technology and I'm so happy (to be seen above right?).
It answered all my needs in one machine.
One could blame the lack of outputs, faders not motorized, low output level of the headphone jack (that said is true that it's just a little) or the Preamps. Either. That's true. But at this price, I find this audio Swiss Army knife exceptional.

thegaou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" stay on land"

Zoom R16
Motivation: price for 16 tracks (8 concurrent)
I never use it as sound card
purchased to make a demo for a group (keyboard, 3 vocals, bass, guitar, violin, percussions, drums)
otherwise I used the pre-amp for a Yamaha MG16 / 4 through the inserts to ensure maximum use of pre-amp R16

stable drivers with my imac
but I do not use it as a sound card
I did a test with the supplied Cubase I have not had any problems

manual clear to me

I like the price
but still very basic editing on this machine
for me it's just like a VCR
after it must pass under a DAW to clean everything

domi04's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good choice"

Zoom R16
What characteristics have motivated your choice?
The appearance of a 3 in 1 product. I, who wanted a midi controller, audio interface and a MIDI recorder, I'm quite pleased.

With which instruments or systems (console, preamp, DTD ...) do you use it and in what connection? ...
I use it to record a piano, guitar, keyboards, vocals ... Note that the mics are very good.

What is your config (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk ,...)?
Notebook Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz, 4GB ram.

The drivers are stable, but I had a cracking problem. By disabling a Windows process called ACPI, I don't have this problem anymore

I use with Cubase, Guitar Rig and Amplitube and Kontakt

In audio interface, I've never recorded more than 2 tracks at once.

In latency, I get about 15ms

The installation is done it without problems?
Yes, no fuss

The general configuration is easy?
In recorder mode, menus are not very intuitive, but we made it

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...

For how long have you been using it?
For 2 months

Have you tried many other models before purchasing
I had the alesis IO2, but not enough for my needs.

What thing do you like most/least about it?
Pros: the 3 in 1, the ability to record without a plug (batteries), the export of key or SD card, the size, recording quality
The least: risky menus, the knobs could be MIDI controllers, the lack of MIDI

What is your opinion about the value for the price?
More than good

will_bru's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The Swiss army knife of home-made demo"

Zoom R16
Primarily, the zoom was a big expectation on my part and that of the band for a single reason:
With 8 recordable tracks simultaneously, it is really one of - if not the - best value for money products in this range.

I use two different ways: in "stand alone" to record rehearsals, catch drums, vocals, etc.. all far from my pc (I'm in an apartment and the drum tracks are therefore taken in a place far enough away from my tower), or maybe my house to record direct guitars, basses, and even singing when the neighbors are mop: p

Connected to a PC running Vista via USB port, used as an audio interface, latency is largely correct (we do not hear it). Namely it can also serve as a controller for sequencer, but I'm using it as can, too used to tweak the mouse ...

Regarding drivers, I have a problem: I am forced to disable wireless network interface. Otherwise, it happens at the interface "curling" and completely block the sequencer.

I use Reaper, but I also tested the version that comes with CUBASE LE4 interface is quite functional (except of course the wifi network adapter).

Namely that also recently Zoom released drivers (regularly updated, on average every two months) to run the R16 with Windows Vista 64 bit (I'm 32-bit, and with 4gig of RAM, I do not need more).

Again, with this configuration, the latency is very low (I have not calculated, but it is imperceptible.)

To install, if I had clues about the wireless network card that made me doubt for a long time the state of the equipment, nothing to declare, just read the doc, and everything happens as with most hardware of this type. Nothing specific to report. Things to know also that the updates are super simple to implement.

The material, a bit rough (but not in the explanations in the logical order of chapters) is more than enough to get their hands on all the possibilities of the machine.

One inconsistency, does this damn wireless card. But obviously I am an exception: '(

I use it for 8 months already, and I had no hardware equivalent before. There are two reasons:
1. I had no time to make computer music
2. I did not find such material before. Suffice to say that the thing fits my needs exactly (neither too much nor too little)

What I like most:
Well the whole beast, the ability to record 8 tracks simultaneously, it is versatile (stand alone, audio interface)

What I like least:
At the same time I knew about I purchased it, and for the price you have to be happy with that, but it is true that LCD is still rikiki hack and requires to press 15 times the same button to get to that menu you want. But hey, it's still manageable.

I would repeat this choice because obviously this is the tool I needed. More than 8 entries, I would never use it, and under that it was not possible. 

So obviously my grades are very high, but we must place them in relation with my needs. We can of course find tougher integrated preamp, cards with more inputs / opportunities, etc.. But I have found the rare gem.