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All user reviews for the Zoom R16

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 34 reviews )
 14 reviews41 %
 10 reviews29 %
 1 user review3 %
 1 user review3 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Jim Ladine06/06/2013

Jim Ladine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" All in One!"

Zoom R16
-8 Combo inputs mic, line, instrument
-16 Simultaneous playback tracks
- Phantom Power
- 24bit/48kHz PCM WAV Converter
- Built-in stereo microphone (on two separate tracks)
- USB audio interface 8 inputs, 2 outputs
- Synchronizing another R16 USB to record 16 tracks in real size 44.1 kHz WAV 16/24bit
- Recording media: SDHC card up to 32GB
- Control Surface 9 faders
- Mackie Control emulation
- 135 effects including guitar amp simulations
- Works on about 6 LR6 AA or AC power supply
- 1 headphone
- 2 monitor outputs (stereo)
- 1 USB port
- Compatible with Win XP / Vista / 7 and Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher
- Cubase Le4 included

1 of 3 (like laundry).

The R16 can record eight simultaneous tracks, 16 tracks vituelles. Hours of high quality recording with a SDHC card of up to 32GB!
The drummer in my band has one and it is often used to record our rehearsals, including via the built-in microphones that are tracks 7 and 8 when activated.
Registration is done in WAV, sampling 44.1 kHz (CD quality). The R16 is the 4x4 recorders, because if we can use the help of software like Cubase, Pro Tools or another, he has enough alone to save wherever you go thanks to built-in microphones and ability to operate on battery. Many effects for voice, guitar, bass ... including reverb, amp simulations, autowha, EQ ... embellish everything, like the Korg pandora but much more complete (pity that there is no looper, but that price is already full).
The second USB port allows you to connect a second R16 (or R24) as a slave to move to a recording 16 simultaneous tracks!

Compatible with PC / Mac with the most current software computer music, the R16 is a true 8 audio inputs / 2 outputs interface with master volume + volume separated by track, gain control, phantom power, headphone jack and setting his headphone, monitor outputs with adjustable sound monitors, lights saturation of the total brief entry ...!

What's more frustrating than having to bend his sound PC, take the mouse to adjust the input level of a track or start recording? The R16 also based DAW via Mackie Control emulation. We can therefore, in its software computer music, arming tracks you want, adjust the input level of each track, start playback, recording, stop it all, speed, go back, put a track solo ... only by manipulating the R16. How fortunate to have a control surface less than 400 €! The only downside for the faders are not motorized, but ...

3 1 / Very versatile
8 inputs combo XLR / jack 6.35 mm
Can run on batteries
Witnesses saturation input on each track (Meter)
Phantom Power
Possibility to combine a another R16/24 for 16-track recording
Ultra Light
Small Price

Non-motorized faders
Basic practical effects but not transcendent
No looper

Thepaulo31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Zoom R16
I have an urgent question, there's there a looper function on the Zoom R16? Thank you to lay up quickly if you can thank you !!

presby's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" top"

Zoom R16
used in home studio for models with a steady rhythm dr880 box 2 votes drums, one whisper, one for vocals, one for vocals, one for rhythm gtr and 1 for the lead.
I'm all alone and it is the best.
uses live with my band (drums electronic) low, 2 gtrs, 3 songs.
adjustable gain a balance, remix home, wave.et file is the top.
Quick easy efficcace.devenu essential in my home studio.10/10

crassouille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Awesome!!"

Zoom R16
This is a great tool, very good sequencer with multi settings ...
I used to create my music and get any sound ...
sheets are well suited "Jacks / xlr" ...
For voice features, there are multi-effects ...
incorporating an instrument can at any time and as many times as desired, ...
Frankly for the price there is no better ....

djtaintain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Useful and fun"

Zoom R16
I use it for 1 year.
First time I buy one multitrack.

Pros: Easy to handle, and the Puchin puchout for times emulation bassman.

The -: all plastic (should not be too travel)

Report excellent price / quality

With the experience I remake the same choice.

dblanche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Zoom R16 essential"

Zoom R16
Nearly a year and I use this small multitrack recorder has become indispensable.

This is my first device of this type, chosen at the time after husked different opinions on the web

- The 8 tracks simultaneously. I play in a rock band and I recorded all the snooze. Each track has its own battery and is taken up by two microphones atmosphere (at the same time as the others). I convert mp3 mutant while a track each time and balance it on skydrive. Suddenly, all group members without their party pieces to work alone.
- Operational simplicity: no need to spend hours reading the manual (I do not like records!).

Minimum: the connection looks fragile so to put on and remove jack or XLR, should remove his mittens!

Excellent value for money, the view (or ear) of the features and sound quality

fabulusfab's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very useful tool, I am happy with this purchase"

Zoom R16
multitrack recorder that apparently not breathing necessarily quality (all plastic) but for its price offers interesting features and practical for recording.

mics for recording acoustic is correct,
being able to connect simultanéments 8 instruments (8 extra): very handy to save a particular group (provided you have a limiter)
operation by mains or battery, backup to sd card, its connection to PC (sound card or virtual drive) very useful

black dot:
- The quality of internal effects very average,
- Inability to integrate multiple internal effects on different tracks (only the first can receive internal effects. Way with a microphone that requires phantom alimenation is not possible to add a disto eg, phantom power is available only on track 6 or 7)
- The impossibility to combine internal post processing effects (eg you can not get a micro simulation effect male voice and a reverb! Must make a choice). say that these spots disappear when the treatment is continued on computer audio.

Note the internal post processing effects are applied to all tracks, only pre-treatments are only available on the first track

IF it again I will redeem it because it fits my needs for a reasonable price. Especially since I'm not a fan of records by computer (it's long and chaint with the mouse)
we can say that it is rather plug and record!!

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ESSENTIAL"

Zoom R16
I use it for almost 2 years and I did not see any bug he always walk nickel.
This is the only recorder that I tried and I bought based on the test, reviews and demos on youtube.
I love the number of outputs it has, I have several branch synths and beats a top box and recorder and mixing function works wonders and saves ca like a real studio.
I do not like too slow to give a piece to start after a recording is very long and this is the only downside but it is only the recordings, fortunately.
I had bought some 500 and I think I would do the same choice and I do not intend to sell it I just plug in a guitar and Rhodes above it still sounds grave.Je have bought more for mixing and recording pure one can easily make cd.
Ah yes the effects are not too normal effect .. I bought a boss me 70 while beside zoom r16 do not weight as it is not its function principale.J Rigging a serious interface is very nice and the ability to record full of morceaux.Il march batteries but I do not use it still branch.
I put him 10 out of 10 because it is the case and the record is very clear.

AlexandreC's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good plan"

Zoom R16
It is a device that I use multitrack recorder on AC only. I have not tried their other features.
The preamps are a little cold. There is distortion or noise when pushed to the bottom.
Some effects are not really terrible. Fortunately there is a wide choice.
Beware of jacks that can be caught in the catch if they are pushed to the bottom (yes that's preamps ...).
I think the race sliders is a bit short but it can also be an advantage insofar as it makes a very compact device.

Value for price: this price for what you record good quality models.
this device is both very light and compact.
It comes Ready to use with an SD card!

The menus require a period of adaptation to navigate but we made it fine.

Yes I remake this choice without hesitation malgrès its few flaws, it's still quality material quite good for a small price.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good but bad! However, I love"

Zoom R16
10 or 15 days I use this machine and I have not tried other models.
I love his performance, ergonomics apparent. Once you've read three lines of instructions (in French) can virtually close, almost everything goes alone.
This machine excels at Q / P. I had fun making a comparison of weight between about 1980 and run today but the price per track for the same periods. Very fun and impressive.

My use. Play play-back jazz pieces without battery or Caron Chet Baker or on piece played in re-re with a friend, interposed internet. Caron or for Chet, track 1 and 2 for playback and 4 tracks (Bass Drum, Snare, Overhead Left and Right channels in 48V.

Note, PanPot EQ and easily accessible. And it is from there the rub! Out for basic functions and practices, the manual is great no matter what! Genre: To explain the use of Reverb? Incomprehensible! To understand the mix of 6 tracks on the other two? Incomprehensible! Another example, representation of the button "SWAP / BOUNCE" and explanation: brace yourselves! "Swap button / Bounce!" Confess with such explanations are well advanced! And all kinds of things in this booklet! One wonders what is or are the gnomes who wrote!

Very poorly explained, but very easy to get the WAV tracks on the SD card of any project on a PC to the mix on Audacity for example.

1 - First of all, install the R16 driver on the PC (Drivers CD supplied).

2 - Turn off the R16. Then connect to the PC via the USB cable supplied with the R16.

3 - The display will show:

> Audio Interface

4 - With the arrow (->;) directions keypad, display:


5 - Press "Enter"

6 - It shows:


7 - You once again confirm with "Enter"
8 - It appears again:


9 - It's over for config R16. On the PC displays the "Removable Disk"
10 - Open the disk and display its contents.
11 - This displays folders like: PRJO000 and PROJ001 (these are your projects stored on the USB card, unless you have known). SYS does not interest you.

12 - You double click PROJ000 example.
13 - Opens a window that contains among others the folder "AUDIO" that you open. It contains all the tracks. WAV for your project "PRO000". Then simply drag them to your desktop and it won.

Criticize these lines if you think they are not clear.

Apart from that, I like the sound of this tool.

The price / quality ratio? Excellent. To add something, I do not regret this purchase but I developed a fierce hatred against those who wrote the manual. You really learn what their pedagogy!

PS - If someone can describe clearly and simply how to mix the first 6 tracks on the 7 and 8, a big thank you to him ...