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Digital recorders user reviews

  • Aaton CANTAR X

    Aaton CANTAR X - "Portable Recorder"


    I use it professionally for film and music I've been using it for 10 years I used three other models before sticking with this one. The quality of the mic preamps. They are the best of all. Its transparency, the obviousness of the recordings made…

  • Sony PCM-M10

    Sony PCM-M10 - "Top-notch pocketable field recorder"


    Since I've purchased the M10 a few months ago, it's been my sole recorder for both outdoor field recording ambiances and also studio recording sound effects. It's also easy to keep in my pocket to carry around and record random sounds that I encount…

  • Zoom H4nSP

    Zoom H4nSP - "Handy 4-Track Recording Studio"


    WHAT WE SEE OUT OF THE BOX The Zoom H4n is described as a handy recorder (hence the "H"). It's a pocket-sized unit about as long as today's bigger smartphones with about thrice the thickness, capable of recording four tracks. It has four channels …

  • Zoom H6

    Zoom H6 - "An audiophile's travel buddy!"


    I did a lot of research, reading countless reviews and watching many video tutorials before choosing the Zoom H6 as my portable recorder of choice. Within the price-range and portability, it seemed the Zoom H6 couldn't be rivalled in terms of feature…

  • Tascam Portastudio 564

    Tascam Portastudio 564 - "Poor design, too bad"


    Just OK, Novel idea at the time. UTILIZATION Unusable for recordings. See below. SOUNDS Sound was actually OK. OVERALL OPINION A 4track Portastudio that was based on a good idea (data minidisc), but a poor design in the end. The system was neve…

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - "Very good multi-track recorder"


    Hi. I've had the R16 for 2 years and use it in my home studio, as a multi-track field recorder (radio deck, conferences) and a soundcard. That's its main strength: It's a multi-task device that allows you to work without a PC. I think it comple…

  • Zoom H4nSP

    Zoom H4nSP - "Good and practical"


    I work with videogame soundtracks and bought a used Zoom H4n to record ambiences and outdoor sounds in general. Mine one has a pretty nice plastic case, an AC adapter (but can run on two AA bateries as well) and an USB cable, and I've bought a separa…

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - "Too much or not enough"


    I've been using it for one year now and haven't had any hardware problems. After having tested the H2, H2N and H4N models, I opted for the r16. What I like best about this product is its portability and what I like least is its non-portability.…

  • Tascam DR-40

    Tascam DR-40 - "Not bad, but not much better than a phone"


    The thing I like the least is the 1) sound quality, 2) the WAV file format (bulky) and 3) unreliabilty (broke down twice in 6 months). Please see details below. 1) Sound Quality Having used condenser mics with excellent results I was expecting …

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - "Okay for the price, but watch your jacks"


    I've been using it for 4 months in the following three setups (with a band): Firstly, I have the same jack issues as some fellow reviewers, namely, the XLR/jack connectors that "eat" the plug. They are so hard that if you connect a poor quality pl…