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Digital recorders user reviews

  • Akai Professional DR4

    Akai Professional DR4 - FP User's review


    You can record 4 tracks, during the capacity of your hard drive sync Midi, MTC or Time Code with your computer or any else machine you can make loops, copy, delete, and many function like a sequencer with the audio tracks recorded Price paid: $500 (…

  • Fostex MR-8

    Fostex MR-8 - FP User's review


    Dosent have a whole lot of effects built in, but it does have a usb connector so i just take the files off there and add effects with cooledit. Price paid: $250 USD UTILIZATION Super easy to use. SOUNDS Sounds great. 2 xlr inputs and two 1/4 inc…

  • Roland VS-880

    Roland VS-880 - FP User's review


    The features are basic but the machine is so user friendly it makes recording a flash.i 550 usd UTILIZATION I know the VS-880 is a older model but it was a good starting point for Roland..hey Roland!! Remember LED lights. I bought my VS 880 used …

  • Roland VS-880 EX

    Roland VS-880 EX - FP User's review


    Best $400 ive ever spent and would of paid up to 800 for it. The only thing missing is XLR inputs, but 6 1/4" are cool $400 UTILIZATION This is probably its lowest, its extremely hard to use (unless you have the bundled emagic software for it…

  • Roland VS-2400 CD

    Roland VS-2400 CD - FP User's review


    The only real problem that I have with the 2400 is that it has NO SCSI, USB, FireWire, or any other way to connect it to the outside world. The CD-burning capability is fine for doing your own little projects -- but if you expect to make a living fro…

  • Tascam SX 1

    Tascam SX 1 - FP User's review


    Everything is great. i can't say much, besides everything's great. $1,150 CDN UTILIZATION Although the unit is a little overwhelming at first, some time spent with the manual can clear up the cobwebs in no time. the manual itself is in depth but t…

  • Yamaha AW16G

    Yamaha AW16G - FP User's review


    20 gigabyte hard drive, CDRW drive standard in USA, recall scenes, graphical wave form editing, timestretching, sample pads, digital io, ...you can save your tracks as wav files via the CDRW drive and transfer to your computer for editing...you can c…

  • Yamaha AW2816

    Yamaha AW2816 - FP User's review


    Everything on this unit is doing what it is supposed to do, and more!!! Price paid $1999.00 UTILIZATION Everything is Self-explanatory! If you can read, you be a master at digital recording and producing! It is easily portable and not too big! A…

  • Yamaha AW4416

    Yamaha AW4416 - FP User's review


    It depends of what for you want to use this machine; if you want to use it like a stand alone gear to record, mix and burn, it's perfect if you want to use it like a mixer, and have the possibilitie to route many output signals, it' a little hard; yo…

  • Denon Professional DN-C550R

    Denon Professional DN-C550R - FP User's review


    The I/O options are good, but questionable. Has balanced XLR analog in, but no output on the same format. No AES/EBU. Otherwise, everything I need to maste with and create dups in the studio. Price paid 799 The quality of the converter with audio …