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Digital recorders user reviews

  • Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-800 Digital Recorder - " Super ...."


    All been said ... connectivity is very good but it is true that I do not understand that there is not jack combo socket / Line UTILIZATION I did not think AC would be easier! At it out of the box I put only 3 hours to do my first song (vocals, …

  • Fostex D5

    Fostex D5 - rombautsdidier's review


    In the studio for over 15 years he has served for a year dixaine but since I do everything in the box, I do not use anymore. This is the only DAT I got to the studio and I've always been happy. It always works and I know read the K7 recorded 15…

  • Philips CDR 775

    Philips CDR 775 - " Good quality"


    I use it for 7 years, even though I used less in recent years. He served primarily to record in my home studio, and I never had anything to complain about the quality. Quality read, I think I was not pregnant at the height of the drive that would h…

  • Tascam DR-40

    Tascam DR-40 - " No unbalanced input"


    Recorder quite friendly, ergonomic (as often from Tascam). Comes with instructions in French and batteries - that's good - In contrast, virtually no accessories in the box. (Or windshield, or handle, nor bag, nor remote, or external power, no sof…

  • Boss Micro BR-80

    Boss Micro BR-80 - " Micro BR 80 really great"


    Operation The micro br 80 is a portable recorder multitrack 3-mode (Relax, Live and eBand). MTR (creation) It is possible to record 8 different tracks in mono or stereo while half of it in, except for a personal voice or keyboard I do anything …

  • Zoom H4

    Zoom H4 - " It never leaves me!"


    How long you use it? => I have the first version of the H4, this is a bunch of years I have purchased over 10 years I think ... Did you tried many other models before buying it? => Before there was nothing. I bought an MP3 player that can reco…

  • Tascam DR-680

    Tascam DR-680 - " Excellent machine"


    I do not own this unit for only four months but have already used both for applications that semi-professional amateur (line sources or microphones and Sennheiser MKE MKE-2-40 and AKG C417-PP). Sound quality ---------------- The quality of the…

  • Sony PCM-D50

    Sony PCM-D50 - " Simple and effective"


    I use this little machine is only for atmospheres in A / B, out crowd, nature, transport ... is behind a spare SD 302 in the output line of the 302-12dB. Weaknesses: connector 3.5mm line in, which sometimes branlouille and can generate noise (with …

  • Boss Micro BR-80

    Boss Micro BR-80 - " Small but amazing"


    I have owned this BR without having toured both the possibilities are endless. I liked its portability, its sense of the economy (2 x 4 in tascam cons), its multi effects (guitars, bass, vocals), his eight mono tracks (but four in stereo), where all …

  • Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder

    Boss BR-600 Digital Recorder - " Swiss Army Knife"


    jack connectivity via various channels for (instrum., microphone, line in) stores your work on flash memory card. 8-track recorder with 4 stereo (ie up to six simultaneous tracks) + virtual tracks, one arrives at 48 tracks in total! Perfect for d…

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