Zoom MRS-4
Zoom MRS-4

MRS-4, Digital Multrack-studio from Zoom in the MRS series.

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tomari 05/04/2005

Zoom MRS-4 : tomari's user review


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2 input jack (input 1-2) that are made to accommodate both a microphone or a line with a tiny instrument on each preamp.
2 tickets to put in for a BAR or the release of his PC, for example
1 headphone
1 MIDI output to only sync to MTC
Smart card storage media: the 32MB provided is very small ... Predict 128
2-track recording 4 read


Good manual
Because of miniaturization, it is often necessary to seek the menus mauis with a little practice has become quite convenient.
As against it tends to wait for a decision when the board starts to fill then drain rgulierement his card on a PC saves time
function bounce is pretty damn good and keeps its decision spares on virtual tracks after the bounce


Despite Sampling 32kHz sound is very correct with a view demo, I catch bass drums that are clear enough.
The semi 2bandes EQ settings (adjustable frequency) are quite small practical effect types are mastering use precaution (it adds a lot of bass) but significantly improves the bit small dose.
The reverbs / delays / chorus are nice but might be able to be more customizable
The insert effect are pretty average against: the comp and bring the breath limit. silmulateur the HP can troubleshoot a scratch line. The effect micpreamp can debug the voices.


I've since 10/2004
I like the fact that it is quite compact and handy, I often transport has not bronchbr rp /> cons by 4 tracks is a bit cramped but the bounce is can cope
I had already recorded a bit on PC and what good is that the zoom is much more intuitive!
report quality unbeatable prices silent when I bought it but shrinking by the day with lower prices of competitors 8 tracks (zoom, tascam)
Now if I m'quipais I would take anything but offer much more silent Reduces when I bought it in the price that I could put (220 euros secondhand memory card with 64 and more)