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Digital recorders user reviews

  • Fostex MR-16 HD

    Fostex MR-16 HD - dannyv's review


    It is a 16-track recorder which comes with 8 tracks for recording and 4 stereo tracks for bouncing. There are four XLR/1/4in inputs which is usually more than enough to record something. The only time I ever felt like I needed more was for recording …

  • Roland VS-1880

    Roland VS-1880 - songboy's review


    Going in there are 6 1/4" jacks (7 if you count the guitar hi-z, but if you use that, you can't use the 6th connection) and 2 XLR jacks with optional phantom power (nice!). It is a 24 bit sampler. You can store your files on an upgradeable int…

  • Roland VS-2480 CD

    Roland VS-2480 CD - RickD's review


    - What connection types are there(analog, digital, MIDI)? Too many to mention! Very complete though! 8 XLR in & 8 TRS jacks in, i think, plus high impedance in, 2 phones out with individual volume & monitoring volume too, TRS jacks out, digital in & …

  • Roland VS-1680 V-Xpanded

    Roland VS-1680 V-Xpanded - RickD's review


    - What connection types are there(analog, digital, MIDI)? Inputs: 2 XLR, 6 TRS jacks (that's symetric...), digital SPDIF coax & optical (Toslink, not ADAT), RBUS (Roland proprietary interface that allows for the addition of various expensive boxes...…

  • Sony MZ-R55

    Sony MZ-R55 - Drummerguy's review


    I've owned this mini disc player/recorder for about 4 years now and it really has been instrumental in my musical development. Unfortunately the mini disc never really caught on, and now that things like the Ipod and Zoom H4 are out they're probably…

  • Zoom H4

    Zoom H4 - Drummerguy's review


    Whoh- this thing is pretty amazing. If you're looking for an affordable field recorder- this sucker is where its at. It records directly to .wav or mp3 so you can dump the files directly onto your computer and tinker with them. It features two gre…

  • Tascam DP-01

    Tascam DP-01 - goodbyebluesky's review


    The DP-01 has two 1/4 in. TRS mic inputs for dual mono or stereo recording. The DP-01 has a USB 2.0 jack for file backup and transferring files to a computer, There are analog RCA line outputs, a headphone out and S/PDIF line output, as well as each …

  • Zoom HD16

    Zoom HD16 - "Zoom HD16CD"


    35+ years playing guitar, performing and songwriting. Played in a garage band for a couple of years. Solo since then. Purchased this from Sweetwater to upgrade from a Fostex VF80. I paid $700.00. So far, there is nothing to like about this unit.…

  • Korg D-1200 MKII

    Korg D-1200 MKII - "Korg D1200 mk ii"


    It all started with borrowing my dad's guitar when I was 15 and went rapidly downhill from there... Before too long I was playing in bands at school, writing songs in my bedroom, and generally not paying attention to much else. My teachers though…

  • Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-1600 Recording Workstation"


    I've been playing in soul, blues and R&B bands since 1968 (old guy). I still play soul and blues professionally in our state. I also play acoustic blues for recording purposes only, backing other singers. I have played with and backed many well-know…