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Digital recorders user reviews

  • Alesis HD24

    Alesis HD24 - fobono's review


    16 inputs / 16 outputs on 1/4" balanced jacks. Recording into hard disk (with the possibility to use two disks with two bays. 24 tracks can be recorded simultaneously. UTILIZATION The overall setup is child's play. SOUNDS Fairly transparent con…

  • Roland VS-880 EX

    Roland VS-880 EX - "dont get it"


    i learned how to use the older vs 880vx expanded model. and after finally getting to know the ins and outs of that one, i bout the 880ex so that i could link my two machines together. well i had no prob linking them, there isnt enough info on how to …

  • Tascam DR-40

    Tascam DR-40 - "Best Recorder In It's Price Range"


    I want to start off by saying this is a very good recorder. Tascam truly delivered with this unit and I'm surprised other companies don't follow in their footsteps. What I liked Least: I hate the floor noise, the preamps are a lot noisier than …

  • Korg Sound On Sound

    Korg Sound On Sound - "great little easy device"


    I baught it because I don't want to bounce after two or three recordings. It is really easy to use. Just follow your instinct. For the money it is just great. I used the Boss micro BR and it does a very good job too, but Like I said before, I have to…

  • Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio - "It's great"


    There's not much to add. USE It's very easy to use. You push a track, choose the input, mic,line or jack, set the track's level, press Rec and you're done. Very comprehensive manual. It's not complicated. You even have the possibility to move…

  • Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-900CD Digital Recording Studio - "Excellent .."


    What connection possibilities (analog, digital, MIDI, etc.) does it offer? - Analog: jack/xlr/rca inputs, rca and headphone output - Digital: no input, optical output - MIDI: only one out - USB 2 - What kind of memory does it use (ZIP, MiniDis…

  • Yamaha AW16G

    Yamaha AW16G - "I don't get it"


    A fat digital unit The technical features have already been mentioned by other people in the reviews. UTILIZATION Headache guaranteed SOUNDS When it works, it's nice The effects are OK, but sometimes (rather frequently) I get lost in the comple…

  • Tascam DP-24

    Tascam DP-24 - "Portable studio"


    The TASCAM DP 24 is a digital studio with 24 tracks. It may seem like a larger unit, but it really is pretty small and compact which is the reason that I purchase it. Being that it was a 24 track studio that was portable was something that I thought …

  • Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-1600CD Digital Recording Studio - "Loaded with effects for vocals and guitars"


    The Boss BR-1600CD is a well made digital multitrack recorder with an efficient interface and well places sliders and buttons. This recorded has plenty of effects on it that you can use with anything mainly vocals and guitars though. Using this reco…

  • Tascam DP-004

    Tascam DP-004 - "No AC adapter included"


    The Tascam DP-004 has 2 ¼ microphone inputs and records in WAV format. You can record up to 2 tracks simultaneously but playback 4 at the same time. There are no effects on this console, it would have been nice to at least have some studio reverb of …