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Digital recorders user reviews

  • Fostex VF160

    Fostex VF160 - "Fostex VF160"


    Mars Music, GA $999 First, you can record up to 24 hours of music without upgrading the hard drive. Built-in CDR, SCSI output, midi equipped, ADAT. Record up to 8 tracks simultaneously, 2 phantom powered jacks...the thing is a powerhouse. Cut and pa…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "Akai DSP-16"


    I acquired the unit at guitar center. I needed something to record with and I paid about 2K for it. I think I can still unload it on some sucker First of all the manual was poorly written at least my version. I think the product was rushed into the…

  • Zoom MRS-4

    Zoom MRS-4 - "Zoom MRS-4"


    I was looking for some way to note down the mass of ideas that I constantly seem to come up with and then instantly forget. This search lead me to the range of digital mini-studios currently available. Not being the most wealthy musician around, I …

  • Roland VS-840 EX

    Roland VS-840 EX - "Roland VS 840 (ex,vs)"


    zzounds $550 overall it sounds good This thing is a logistical nightmare. I am not a stupid person, this machine is unnecessarliy complicated, quirky and the sales pitch is 90%lies. It's a 4 track with two mix down tracks and the hard drive is a …

  • Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-8 Digital Recorder"


    Purchased the unit for under $600.00 at a local music store (who met the advertised internet prices) after reading several reviews and doing some research on the net. I was able to start recording after opening the box, and WITHOUT having to read th…

  • Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

    Boss BR-532 Digital Studio - "Boss BR-532 Digital Studio"


    Because I have a gospel quadtec group and we trying to do some recording need to spend time trying to master our songs, studio time would kill us for time spent. I paid $430.00 for the system It portable and easy to use Battery don't last long dua…

  • Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

    Boss BR-532 Digital Studio - "Boss BR-532"


    I recently bought the BR-532 at a local music shop, after many hours of researching digital recorders. I paid $397,00 for it, and it was money well spent. The built in drum machine sounds great, but it is a little confusing trying to figure out how …

  • Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-8 Digital Recorder"


    I bought the Boss recorder at guitar center for I think $695. I bought it because I thought it would be a good way to do some cheap home recording. It looks nice and is easy to use. Boss makes good products, this however is not one of them. The g…

  • Yamaha MD4

    Yamaha MD4 - "Yamaha MD4"


    I purchased this unit from the Christchurch Rockshop for $1400 NZ When I bought this I had just completed a course in Audio engineering, was at music college, and was rearing to go. With the MD4's ease of use, and portability, I was able to make man…

  • Akai Professional DPS16

    Akai Professional DPS16 - "AKAI DSP16"


    The DSP16 features a recording section which is capable of 10 track simultaneous recording and 16 track simultaneous playback, a mixer section of 26 channels, and an internal effect section that enables you to use four effect channels simultaneously.…