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Alcorine 08/04/2003

Yamaha DX200 : Alcorine's user review


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The DX200 is halfway between a groovebox and synth sound research
a track for the synth
three for the part percussionist / bass sounds in wavetable XG type, for those who do not see, think RM1X
Almost everything can be edited with the buttons and control knobs, the DX200 is handled like an analog.
In audio, headphone jack and line out left / right stereo, MIDI out / in / thru sync master / slave with any sequencer.


Publishing is a simple inversely proportional to the complexity of FM synthesis. The configuration is never a problem, when compared with the groovebox it has nothing to do, while TSE simple, the manual tends to show redundant.


Contrary to what some say, FM synthesis was intended to create realistic sounds, and finally only when one considers that she was better than analog. Today it may seem horribly dated when using a DX7, but with the DX200, is another world opening jaded to all the FM: 3 types of filters, delay, overdrive, a flanger, chorus, several LFO, noise generator, a brief summary of what to upgrade that finally has something to say. The noise level gives a good variety of sounds, tablecloths, low terrible of portamento lead in very hot, so Propellerheads organs, electric pianos or even sounds a guitarist would not disown (I myself am and I even laid the rhythmic well sealed with the ministry!).
All styles are affordable little we invest in mainpulation sound, house, for the deaf bass Drum n 'bass, hard teak, industrial, rock, pop and probably trance.


I have two years, it's my favorite synth, I sometimes do not play with the rubber keys to intrude restrictions as may be fairly creative. What really bothers me is that Yamaha could go well beyond simple compatibility with the DX7 SysEx, the DX200 would have been a remote editing MIDI rack for most of the FM band, the TX81Z, the TX802, the TX7. The sequencer part is disappointing in terms of external communication. MIDI notes do not pass to the outside, it could have a nice 4-track sequencer TR X0X Yamaha if it was the trouble.
For me, the DX200 FM7 is the best ambassador for the FM, I see no equivalent if not better a TX802 + control interface type Control Freak and a multi-purpose low-end and a DR 202 Boss made the addition, wins again with the DX200!