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Reno.a 08/09/2002

Yamaha DX200 : Reno.a's user review


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Control box FM Synthesis
6 FM operators + filters (Noise, AMP .,...)
Polyfony 16 channels and 32 notes.
256 + 128 User preset Partern patern (only)
Scenes 2 (for the sound mix 2)
MIDI in & out
headphones output jack 6.35
Output R / L mono or stereo 6.35
weight 1.6kg
software (not great) for Windows or Mac OS.
outdoor power supply (C better!)


C the first time I had on hand a instrment of this type ... more accustomed to software that I was.
use and apretissage are tedious.
but with the instructions supplied by the manufacturer even a beginner (which is my case) finished (with some hair in less anyway) a way out.
FM synthesis is extremely difficult to handle (?), note however, as long as we take the trouble, the results in terms of sonnorites really interesting.
however, it is my humble opinion was necessary to add the + speed and a MIDI keyboard can be a data archiver.
pity that the lack of maneuverability of the harm apareil autantba use (or is it the lack of dexterity due to my lack of practice?), because the note recharcher turning the pots .... it hurts a little creativity.
otherwise, no one came to regret having a good time!


Difficult to do anything other than music .... LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!


After hearing prioduits as 100% digital synthesis q'uanalogique s'es my choice is on FM.
This changes the sound of analog products.
+ sounds are clear and dry and, surprisingly, do not lose too much heat.
too bad the price is a bit expensive (547Euros) ...
in terms Of Report Q / P anyway, in this type of machines, there is no concurrency to date.
with lots of practice (the machine is attached), I think the choice are not a regret, because (almost) everything is possible with the DX200.