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Fend La BiZze 08/02/2012

Yamaha DX200 : Fend La BiZze's user review

«  c is the FM that I prefer »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Groovebox three tracks of rhythm and an FM synth, sequencer not til 16, a multi-effects, two tuning parameter of the synthesis by patern with the posibility of morphing to go from a 4-track and other al movement button up til 8 measures.


To abort the first day I find the composition a bit dificult paterns with many using the shift button, but the second utlisaion j ca finally have found very ergonomic and rapide.Les synth parameter in almost all its frontage and for the effect , is a sub menu arboressance very simple, and just have the small display. The manual and clear and cool, it's like to follow a tutorial, the coup was the end all we know of the beast.


The FM is great!! At any point and the sound of bass note ryhtmique are pretty good but very little effect editables.Les are quality.
J have been perfect because of a synth :)


J had to explore the not more than four hours, that is enough to understand how it works. But it will take me much longer to master the FM, cons quickly found by fiddling ;) of sound has its taste.
J also have an EA1 and KSrack that are not really comparable to the DX200.

J adore:
the posibility of editing notes with potentiometers
the extent of editing of the FM once we managed (after of heavy tests) has DX200editor install under win XP.

J not like:
be little minimalism of the rhythm section but little not have everything.

Very good value for money second hand.
J as well buy another to replace in case ....