Paracelse 09/24/2010

Korg T3 : Paracelse's user review

«  Excellent machine »

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Value For Money : Poor
Specifications are also widely described here, so I will not dwell on it.


The config is simple to understand. In this regard, the manual is exemplary, very good "size. Furthermore, such a" step "is given to create a complete song on the sequencer.
The sound editing is also simple, and the display of the curves makes adjustments.


The sounds are very versatile. Some will say today, "typed the 80" ... I say "sufficiently versatile and adjustable" to fit many types of music. I did al variety for years with this keyboard. Nothing to say, with a few hours tweaking sounds and combis, I always had the sound (not necessarily the "disc"!) But the big sound that would bien.A example, there is a sax saturated with a "growl" as I've never found. The audience was blown away every time! : O))
The effects, fewer than the current keyboards course, are still effective and have always given me satisfaction, even "at home".


Used for fifteen years, it is now casual.
Previously, I had a poly-61 ... another world.
What I love most: the ease of editing sounds.
What Fishing format "exotic" floppy drive which makes it impossible to read on a computer.

The value for money for the time was right. It was a must to Korg, the big American bikes were overpriced .. If I had to turn back time, I certainly would do that choice.