acdcdavid 01/18/2006

Korg T3 : acdcdavid's user review


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The Korg T3!
Here is a machine that is good!
And why is it better than others at that time and even long after .... ?
Because it's simply Korg.
I have a T3 since Dec. 89 I had spent hundreds of hours over
Studio concert event repeats ... nothing to say I can even assure you that I never changed the internal battery.


The floppy drive works great
The switches in all works well (perhaps the only point I have always found a bit weak)
The body is solid! reliable connections
So all that to say that today with other Korg synth (Korg Triton Rack, extreme 88)
T3 would be if my HS I find another soon.


Side sounds: If you like the big analog sound then you will be served.
For acoustic sounds: trumpet and sax are excellent in general copper
For the pianos: Rhodes electric harpsichord nothing to say
Classical piano: EX Boff except T3 which has a 512 MB RAM with the piano's T1 is still the best quality.
ah low low: they make you loose your seat,
well when you tweak the patches you get synthbass terrible .. asked Jarre you will see!
The percussion: are generally good but difficult because the effects sequencer mode gaps
but you can make out the sound gross outputs 3 and 4 and then add effects later.


In short side sounds you what to do patches on its Internet easy to find
then if you have a concern on this side please contact me I have 15,000
effects: very good quality for the time possibility of two effects in parallel or in series,
assign a sound to one or two of the four mode output sequencer and other sounds on other outings with a different effect.
You want a deadline for a synth and a chorus for a sax do not worry just set the output for each instrument
regret sequencer side, there is no MIDI File, for it against all the features to make quality movies.

Here for other questions I am available
But frankly it's a purchase with eyes closed
Korg thank you ...