Roland XP-80
Roland XP-80

XP-80, Digital Synth from Roland in the XP series.

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cylsss 10/17/2005

Roland XP-80 : cylsss's user review


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Audience: Beginners
76-key synth with 16-track sequencer, the sounds of roots are those of JV 1080, can add four expansion cards of the series srjv. We find these cards in hand for about 150 euros and there are twenty.
are the original are generalists, there is a multi effects processor + reverb and chorus


I bought it in 1996, is a great workstation, the sequencer is re complete control and I with all my other synths.
This is my key instrument in my home studio in almost 10 years, I have always used a variety of ways.

For beginners, it can seem complicated. After one month you will get by.
The problem I had met at the very beginning it was mostly with the sequence with a headache because I wanted to built the "Performer" with "Patch" on the different sequence and I could not. Tip: Do not put that patch in your sequence and use performance for the live or not at all!

on the other hand when you turn the sequencer you will have the same séqencer of grouping with the computer (but more tedious)


You get tired of the original sounds. Expansion cards sold separately will give you a lot. There are sound cards better than others. I had and sold many, but one we can not separate the orchestra are 1 and 2, and bass & drums


9 years that I use, I buy 13,000 francs. At a price that is OCCAZ do not hesitate to take you will not regret it.
I bought and sold a lot of synths, but the one I never sold it