Roland D-20
Roland D-20

D-20, Digital Synth from Roland.

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stratvinc 04/23/2013

Roland D-20 : stratvinc's user review

«  what synth at the time! »

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well, here
I will talk about my D20 negotiated 1989-9500 F of the time then it was worth 12000
This is a digital synthesizer 61 notes responsive to the velocity but not to aftertouch
64 sounds in internal memory and 128 editable presets editable
ability to play multitimbral 8 tracks + 1 drum track
sequencer step by step with the possibility of doubling the tracks and mixing balance and volume of each track automation
use performance in whole or dual mode split
pitch and modulation controller sustain pedal by
implemantation MIDI IN OUT throuth
32 voice polyphony separate battery fortunately


then only to play or use the sequencer it was very intuitive to me
once you understand the principle is beginning to take its songs quickly
the drum machine part works by up to 32 editable paterns and quantize function is monstrous and works in real time
can not save or not to punch in / punch out
The manual is well written but do not be afraid to spend time on
or where it gets complex is for editing sounds
a real gas plant but tamed fantastic opportunities


obviously sounds sound very 80's but not that!
it is obviously far from sampled sounds and hyper realistic today
Zeus but not what I liked his recognizable sound between all
lead sounds of bass and synth sounds to Vangelis were among wishlist Tips
best of all the warm pad for tablecloths
there is no sound that I hate but some have paid the price to make room for my edited sound
keyboard that velocity but no aftertouch
I redid among others the Grand Blue on without expander nothing D20 only


So I've bought since 1989 it came out in competition with a Korg M1
may be a little worse in terms of sound, but with a great advantage
the first workstation or you could save all the pieces avce published on diskette thing sounds M1 was not
it allowed me to discover the world of synth and introduce me to MIDI
thereafter he was driven by my Casio MIDI guitar
it allowed me to make my guitar backtrack before the advent of the Internet
at negotiated price I think I got a bargain at the time
24 years and it works like the first day